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Uninjurable 16-07-2014 02:17 PM

battery problem with Kindle Paperwhite
I recently copied 100 books to my Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader and noticed that the battery is starting to drain quickly. When I am turning off Kindle then also it drains the charge. I have all the books indexed in the reader and even a reboot will not work. It will discharge for 12-15h of reading with lighting which is less than before. Is there any problems with the plugins or something else which is causing this issue? Thanks

opaper 18-07-2014 01:11 PM

Re: battery problem with Kindle Paperwhite
Can you try to check over SSH what exactly the logs say? If you are able to check it, then simply check the logs by searching for ;dm from the homescreen. I think that there are more methods for cataloging or indexing things involved. As for the custom thing, the ACX must be inserted and for the fonts, until you are using a good fond, or one which the framework subtly doesnt like, then the impact would be minimal I suppose. Just try to follow all this steps and see the difference.

Modifier 19-07-2014 12:56 PM

Re: battery problem with Kindle Paperwhite
I will suggest you to check the indexing again because the kind of problem that you are facing is a classical description of what really happens when one or more books get stuck while they are indexed. So, check on the Home Page and tap on Search button. After that make sure that the search scope is set to All Text and after that enter a random search string. If you are getting something like "X items not yet listed" then you are surely facing an indexing problem and nothing else.

Jacques25 21-07-2014 12:47 PM

Re: battery problem with Kindle Paperwhite
If its an indexing problem, then you will have to check which all books are not indexed on your Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader bu just tapping on the "items not yet indexed", you will get the full list of the books that are at fault. Usually, the ereader gets stuck on one book and others are just lined up behind it. The main issue is that there is also not an easy way to tell which is the problematic book. I will suggest you to just delete them and then re-add them in smaller numbers to solve the case.

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