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Firer 07-07-2014 01:51 PM

How is the Sony DPT-S1 ebook reader?
I have heard that the new Sony DPT-S1 ebook reader comes for a high cost of $1000 and above. I wonder what all new features are there in this new ereader which is coming at such ridiculously high price. If anyone has bought this ebook reader then can they give us some review about it? Also where can we buy it only on an Emi system, if possible? I have also heard that we can get the Sony DPT-S1 through a company called Worldox? Any ideas

Praetor 08-07-2014 11:53 AM

Re: How is the Sony DPT-S1 ebook reader?
I have purchased the Sony DPT-S1 for $950 at my place. I basically purchased it for reading PDFs and writing memos on presentation meterials in meetings, etc. I mostly use it to read epaper editions of different wall street journal, company annual reports and calibre extracted pdfs. The zooming and switching features are also nice. The only problem is that its speed is not close to an ipad which is really a pain when your PDF file is having a lot of images. Overall it is a better ebook reader.

Zecho 09-07-2014 04:28 PM

Re: How is the Sony DPT-S1 ebook reader?
Sony has released this DPT-S1 ebook reader first in Japan last year and now it finally became available in the United states actually. You are also right that Sony is selling this ereader via company called Worldox and not directly to anyone. Thus Sony is not letting them to sell the device to anyone who is willing to purchase it. As per Worldox, they can only sell the DPT-S1 PDF Reader to business professionals in banking industries. If you are a regular guy who wants to purchase this ebook reader, they wont sell it to you.

Reegan 10-07-2014 11:53 AM

Re: How is the Sony DPT-S1 ebook reader?
Due to the above reasons and lack of supply of Sony DPT-S1, there has been an inflation in the market already. There are already some retailers on eBay and Amazon who are selling the imported version of this ebook reader for $1350 to $1500. I dont know why would anyone want to shell this much of amount for a black and white E-ink ereader? If we compare Sony DPT-S1 then there are many other good ebook reader that offer great features at a low price tag and you will be satisfied with the same.

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