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liam2014 01-07-2014 06:47 PM

How to add someone as group admin in WhatsApp
I have a group in which I am having my college friends. Now I do not have some contacts and I had asked my friend to add them. They are unable to do that as they are not the admin. So I want some help here through which I can make a contact as admin. I tried looking in the group chat but cannot find anything. I am quiet sure there will be some way of doing the same. I had checked inside the settings, but can't find anything. Is there anyone who knows how to simply add a contact as admin in group.

HankH 02-07-2014 06:40 PM

Re: How to add someone as group admin in WhatsApp
I never saw that thing. I think you cannot do that. You cannot add anyone as the admin because you had created the group. So there is no way through which you can add anyone as the admin. You have to ask them to give the number of your friends and then you can add them manually by saving them in a contact. I did this always. In the same way when you are in any other group you cannot add a contact. You have to share the contact with admin. WhatsApp must add this feature. It will be helpful.

Chaaruchandra 04-07-2014 01:03 PM

Re: How to add someone as group admin in WhatsApp
You cannot add anyone as admin but you can transfer your ownership to others. Like sometime if you had created a group and you want to exit it. You can make any other contact as admin and exit the same. This will be easier for you to manage. But you cannot make multiple admins. That is not possible at all. Also there is no third party option for that. There are few ways through which you can use dual numbers on whatsapp but you cannot go with dual admin. Lets see in future updates we can get something like that.

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