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fumble 11-06-2014 05:04 PM

How to optimize printer toner usage
There are different types of printer available. They are Dot matrix, Inkjet and Laser. Dot Matrix are designed for heavy usage. They give you a very low level of print quality. Inkjet are bit better. Inkjet Printers are most commonly used in Office. They give you a decent print output and they mostly run on a toner. Which is affordable to some extent. But there are few things that you can do to optimize your printing. If you are getting 300 pages print today then you can increase that to 10 to 20% more with few simple things. A number of time when you are taking a printout there are chances that you are wasting the ink. You are printing many stuff which are not needed. I am going to cover the most important things that you can do to make your toner more effective in terms of usage. Laser printers are more efficient but they are costly. They can give you a huge amount of print output but also the refilling is high on cost. Compare them Inkjet becomes most affordable and easy available solution. Inkjet are also good for photo printing. It works through a ribbon locked inside the header of the printer. The ink drops are deposited instantly and they dry out. The head keeps on moving. Dot Matrix are affordable but they are very loud. Compare to them Inkjet are quiet. The price of this type of printer is low. It is also low on maintenance. Thing that inkjet printer lack is fast printing. It is slow when you take print. This can be ignored. Because here we are looking for a solution through which we can make our print more and more affordable. Almost all inkjet printers works on the toner and optimizing toner means saving more ink. So there are many things you can do to take out effective printing solution.

1. Re-using empty toner:

Printer Toner

When the toner is empty or when you are not getting any print then do not remove the toner and go for refill. You can simply removes the cartridge from the printer and then just shake it slightly. Once done you can simply put the toner back into the printer. There are chances that you might get few more pages to print. You can do this continuously till there is nothing left to print. There is one more way to use the toner till last drop of ink. For that you have to block the printer sensor which locate ink level. The printer will keep on printing unless the toner is completely dried up.

2. Compatible Toner:

Printer Toner

Most of time I had seen people use any toner. They mostly go for a cheap refill compatible toner. It is much more cheaper that the original cartridge. It might be but it also give you low output. You can refill the original toner and re-use it. It is recommended to use a toner maximum 7 times by refilling and then get a new one. This make your printer more efficient to use. It also reducing the amount of printing waste generated. Do not just keep on refilling the printer toner continuously. Once you are done 5 to 7 time get a new one.

3. Print Optimizer Software -

Printer Toner

You can simply reduce the toner consumption through a software. There are ample of them available. Most of the software are provided by manufacturer. Here in this procedure you are saving ink and therefore saving cost. You can try using Ecofont software which is quiet popular and it is the best one to optimize your toner for saving ink. Just install the tool in your pc and configure the printer. It offer you different mode to print. Like a user has to print in economic mode he just have to click on the button and done. The software will convert the character fonts for maximum saving.

fumble 11-06-2014 05:05 PM

Re: How to optimize printer toner usage
4. Page Settings -

Printer Page Settings

When you are taking a print it is recommended to check the page settings. I am not talking about the margin but checking out unnecessary items on a page. Many people print web pages which also take the ads and images with it. You have to check this before printing the documents. So that unnecessary print elements does not eat your ink much. This case is the most common while taking a website page print. Most of the time you might need text only, but there can be ads and images on the right or left side. You can generate a print preview before taking print. There are many online service like print what you like. It will offer you simple way of printing only important thing. This save a lot of ink.

5. Draft Mode -

Printer Draft Mode

Many word processor comes with draft mode. If you are not having it in the system you can use a third party print settings manager. Draft mode is the best way to save ink. Because here you are not printing any lines or images. When you apply draft mode the printer only print the text from the page. It is ideal when you are taking sample printout. That will save a lot of money and you can re use the paper also.

6. Print option -

Print Option

A few print options like Change the scale, draft print, etc are good to save ink. You can start from changing the size of font. If you are using a word processor then you can modify the font size and make it the smallest one. You can also try to reduce the margins and remove footers. Do not zoom your page. This affect the print size also. Use fonts which are enough visible to read. Or else you can also try out the above process of draft printing. Here the quality suffers but still you are able to manage your printer economically.

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