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RedZot 06-06-2014 06:35 PM

How to customize Android Home Screen
Everyone wants to add a bit of different look on the home screen of their android Smartphone. Most people uses wallpaper, live wallpaper and launchers. Today I am going to show you how can I entirely modify your android phone home screen and add different widget on the same. Things are very simple to use because we are going to use launchers. There are many launchers and most of them are having automated settings. That means you don't really have to make any changes. But a few of them comes with advance options. They are light and work fast. For mobile devices having ram lower than 512mb can face performance issue. But those who are having a Dual core processor, 512MB ram and a dedicated gpu can get optimum output from this launcher apps. This is one of the biggest point of having android. You can just change the main display to anything you want. You can change the lock screen, add your own images, and do lot more. But as many are not aware about using this launcher people skip them. But you are really missing something. I am going to give you the bets launcher recommendation here with features they offer. And settings that you can use to make your phone look a bit more unique. If you are really bored with your existing phone look then try out some cool launchers listed below. I had tested this launchers on Sony Xperia T2 which is a phablet. Due to amazing screen this launcher adds great effects on it.


Launchers are one of the most common way to customize home screen. You have ample of benefits here. Many of this are free. I am not going to include the paid launchers here. This launchers are pack of things you need to add unique look on your home screen. The launcher itself brings you option to change wallpaper, a set of different widgets and many more stuff. So we are going to test out some of the most popular launchers through which you can make your screen quiet unique in look. It is recommended to use only one launcher at a time. If you install multiple then your device can slow down.

Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher comes with Buzz Widget separately. If you are installing this one you must add both of them. I really like Buzz Launcher due to its decent design. It is very unique compared to other launcher. After installation it will ask you the type of screen you want to add with a few widgets. And you can change that whenever you want. Once you choose the launcher download the entire home pack and apply the same. It is one of the best launcher. If you don't want to do any major changes and just want a decent screen with ready to use features. The best part of using this launcher is that you get easy home packs. This packs consist of wallpapers, icons, and widgets. You can add them one by one. It is simple to install. With good internet connection you can install as many home pack you want. Go to the Home pack buzz section and download the best design of your choice. It is also light and provide you full settings to modify the home screen and launcher.

Buzz Launcher Home Pack: Swipe down with two fingers and tap on Home pack buzz. Download different type of home packs and apply on your phone screen. You can see a few below.

Buzz Launcher Home Pack

Unity Launcher:

Unity Launcher

This one comes in two edition. One is paid and other one is free. The benefit of using this is that you don't have to modify anything here. If you just need a very decent and quick sidebar then Unity launcher can help you. It add a side panel in which you can keep your most used applications, shortcut and widgets. It is very easy to edit. It is just like a simple side bar for those phone who are not having a very big size screen. I keep this on my onscreen with some ready to use widget. Like Bluetooth, brightness, etc. It is very fast and does not slow down your phone from any angle.

RedZot 06-06-2014 06:37 PM

Re: How to customize Android Home Screen
Themer Beta:

Themer Beta

Themer is for those who want a bit more with the home screen. This app brings out many extensive features compared to any other launcher. You have a ton of free wallpapers, icons, themes, etc on the same. You can simply make your screen instantly look amazing with few tap. And above all like Buzz Launcher this one is also free. Similar to a Theme app this one gives you option to choose the best theme for your phone. It works really well but I had found a bit issue with screen resolution. If the app does not work on your screen then it is possible it does not support the screen resolution. Above all it is very easy to use. It is fast responsive and come loaded with many icons and widgets. After Buzz Launcher I found Themer a very good app to customize the home screen. It is ideal for a small screen devices. To add a theme you have to connect Themer with your Gmail account. The library of themer comes with tons of great themes. I had really found some really impressive themes in Themer. They are well optimized to work with small screen size. For phablet this app can create a bit issue to lack of good screen resolution. You can see a few themer sample below. Most of the themes are gorgeous.

Launcher 8:

Launcher 8

For those who want to test windows interface or just switched for windows phone can go with Launcher 8. An really amazing launcher for Android that comes with complete Windows Phone 8 look. And along with this you also get many additional themes in it. It is a free launcher that works really well with similar feature of Windows Phone 8 theme. All icons are arrange in alphabetical order which can be access through right swipe. The launcher is fast responsive and works very nicely on big size screen. You can add the icons on the screen as per your need and you can apply as many themes you want. I had provided a few great themes below which you can directly download from the theme store for free. One thing I notice while using Launcher 8 is that it is a bit heavy compared to other. It is light on the home screen and also you can download new pack it takes bit time. Because here the launcher is customizing everything. It is adding a entirely new icon pack, a home screen, wallpaper and even lock screen wallpaper. Works well with device that has 1GB ram.

Launcher 8 Themes

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