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yuval 26-05-2014 06:10 PM

intel i7-920 running at 100C at load
One of my friend gave me his computer with i7-920 processor and motherboard. After testing the mobo and processor both seems to be working fine. But the CPU at idle is running at 58C and if I am testing it with some softwares like Prime 95 then it reaches to 100C at load. So, I guess that if I try to play any games on this system then it will immediately crash. Can anyone tell me why is it getting so much of hot and what should I do to cool it down?

Omari 27-05-2014 11:41 AM

Re: intel i7-920 running at 100C at load
I think that the stock cooler on the CPU might be problematic so try to remove it and use some other coolers like Antec Kuhler H2O 620 and see if that makes any difference. Remember to clean the heatsink and CPU with a good cleaning material and then use a good thermal compound on the chip. There is also possibility of faulty sensors. Also do not try to perform any overclocking until you ensure that your system is perfectly stable and cool at stock settings.

Common 28-05-2014 11:12 AM

Re: intel i7-920 running at 100C at load
Can you check whether the BIOS is not set on auto on the VCore setting? I am thinking that the bios might be over-volting the CPU and therefore the temperature that you are getting is very high. So, you can try to do a manual VCore setting and see if that makes any difference. Would you also mind telling us what exactly are you using to read the temperature of your system, is it a software that you are using or are you checking it in the hardware monitor area in BIOS.

Deepest BLUE 29-05-2014 11:14 AM

Re: intel i7-920 running at 100C at load
Well, have you tried to remove the side door of your cabinet off? Incase there is problem with the case airflow causing it then you can simply remove the side of the case which will help clear it up. I havent seen the temp going so high and I also believe that the temperature sensor could be going bad either. However, until you find any decent solution, I would not recommend you to run Prime95 software until you get the CPU cooler to some extent.

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