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aahanagupta 22-05-2014 06:28 PM

Aspire One 725 stuck on automatic repair
I had installed a new ram in the pc and after that when I restarted I got message on the screen about automatic repairing. It is not moving ahead. It is stuck for hours. I want a bit help here to get rid of this problem. I had restarted the pc directly by holding the power button. I hope this will not damage the operating system. But again it come and stuck on the same screen. I am not able to see windows logo. What is the issue.

DaminiAMD 23-05-2014 06:05 PM

Re: Aspire One 725 stuck on automatic repair
This is one of the most common issue in a acer system. The system will reboot and again stuck on the same thing. Just remove the ram that you had added in the system and then try back. I think that will fix the issue. But if not then you can try running a startup repair. This might work. Insert the windows installation disc and boot the system through that. From the setup screen choose repair > startup repair. Then reboot back.

RidD 24-05-2014 05:02 PM

Re: Aspire One 725 stuck on automatic repair
This can be due to damage mbr or bootloader due to which you are getting the issue. Startup repair should fix the same. The process is mentioned above. You have to run the startup repair thing here and if that does not work then boot from the samd disk and from the menu choose cmd. In that type bootrec /fixMBR and hit enter. Then type bootrec /Fixboot and hit enter. The last command you have to pass is bootrec /rebuildBCD. And then restart your pc.

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