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Raj 13-05-2014 06:37 PM

Tips to choose best Mobile 3G Package
In this short guide I am going to show you how you can choose the best 3G mobile data package for your mobile phone. I am also going to list you a few set of plans below which are based on current date. It is a bit confusing when you are in the market and look for 3G connection. Most of us go with our existing SIM. We just activate the plan and start using. At some place face connectivity issue while sometime we find we just bought a expensive plan. So here you can find the list of 3G plans provided by almost all popular telecom provider. You can simply compare the price and checkout the difference. Most of the android phone that we buy today are dual sim. So you can buy one more sim if it brings good 3G solution. Before activating you must contact the customer care and ensure that this plan is active in your region. I am going to provide details of mostly Mumbai circle. And the plans are based on prepaid connection.

Airtel: In Airtel you can go with a pack or you can simply ativaet your 3G and pay when needed. You will be charged around 3 paisa per 10KB. This is good for those who do not want to buy the pack and use net when needed. While you can get 1GB for Rs.249.

Airtel 3G Mobile Data Tariff

Vodafone: Compare to Airtel, Vodafone has more to give. They give you different type packs that you can use as per your need. Right now there is a online offer for 3G internet. If you recharge with Rs.451 you will get 2.5GB instead of 2GB. 25% extra on existing plan. Vodafone offer you three type of pack. Monthly, Small and Long Validity. Also if you are going with a monthly pack under 3GB and 5GB you get option for unlimited browsing. After using 3GB/5GB you can still use the internet at 64kbps.

Vodafone 3G Mobile Data Tariff

Reliance: Here you have limited options. If you are having a Reliance sim then you can go ahead with the below plans. The cheapest one is 400MB for Rs.123. It can be counted under a nice cheap price.

Reliance 3G Mobile Data Tariff

Raj 13-05-2014 06:38 PM

Re: Tips to choose best Mobile 3G Package
Idea: Idea brings out many handy options for 3G service. Like the tiny one. Sachet packs offer you 20minute of internet usage at Rs.8. And once you cross 20 minutes then you will have to pay R s.3 per minute.

Idea 3G Mobile Data Plan

Tata Docomo: Tata has nothing much for 3G. You must always check the region before buying. I found the following 4 plans. It is cheaper compare to all.

Idea 3G Mobile Data Plan

Aircel : In aircel you can see there are ample of choices available. You can start from a very low pack to high one. It is good to check the validity before taking up the plan.

Idea 3G Mobile Data Plan

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