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Sachh 09-04-2014 04:42 PM

Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300
My friend has a Dell XPS 8300. The pc shutdown on its own. He called to fix it. I checked the system. I think the cpu is heating. The pc works fine after an hour. But then it goes off instantly. I had touched the cpu heatsink which was quiet hot. But the fan here is working fine. I had cleaned the dust. But still the same issue. Within 15 minutes the pc turned off on its own. What can I do here to fix this problem.

Bala Murugan S 10-04-2014 11:06 AM

Re: Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300
Before coming on any point it is better to find what is the exact issue. You can find the cpu temperature in bios. There will be some hardware monitor type of stuff in it. Just check the temperature. If this is above 60degree then it is heating a lot. You have to replace the fan. You can buy a fan from any local shop. Just carry the existing one. And replace it. It will resolve the problem. Don't use the system until a new fan is placed.

RidD 12-04-2014 10:08 AM

Re: Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300
This system has a extreme processor with good gpu support. I am sure that this system is getting hot due to gaming. Fan can be a problem but before changing anything you can change the thermal paste. You can buy that from any hardware shop. Buy a good quality one. And change it. Apply a good one and then check back. Most of the time the paste is gone due to which the system heats a lot. Replacing that will fix the issue.

HankH 14-04-2014 10:35 AM

Re: Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300
If the system is under warranty then do not attempt to repair it on your own self. Better carry it to the service center and done. That will be more appropriate. And if not then you can try replacing the fan. But identify the temperature before doing that. Do not just buy a new fan. There can be other issue. Like ram or some other component. You can get more details about your system health in the bios.

akkiiii 15-04-2014 11:14 AM

Re: Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300
This system comes with Intel Core i7 processor. I am not sure about the generation. If there is a fan issue then buy a good one. The best one I think is Deepcool Gammaxx 200. This fan is quiet amazing has a big size heatsink. It gives you a big size 92 mm Diameter Fan fan that will work really well to draw out maximum heat from your system. It is also very quiet. The problem with big size fan is noise. But this one is really quiet.

Memphis M 16-04-2014 10:39 AM

Re: Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300
There can be dust also. To clean that properly you have to remove the fan. Or else it will not work. And you have to apply a new thermal paste on that. Most of the time cpu gets heated up due to thermal paste. It dries really fast. So buy a good quality one that can stay for longer period. My system was also heating. But after applying thermal paste it is working fine. I also did not have to replace the fan.

Antonio1 17-04-2014 10:23 AM

Re: Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300
I am using Cooler Master Hyper 212X cpu cooler. This one is bit costly but it is amazing. I really like the design. It has heatpipe that pass on the through heatsink. It keeps your system much more cooler compared to any other. This cooler comes with 120 mm fan. Big size heatsink with copper pipe. It is more impressive and work better. Most of the heastink only has aluminum in them. But with copper heat-pipe it works better.

Ceesar 18-04-2014 10:11 AM

Re: Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300
For system like that I recommend to go with portable liquid cooler. There are ample of them available. Portable coolers are easy to fit. You just have to make place for the radiator. Corsair H40 Cooler is the cheapest one in the market. This cooler comes for Rs.4300. It woks really well. It can keep your cpu cooler on extreme usage. And it is an ideal solution for gaming pc. Liquid coolers are far more effective compared to regular one.

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