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Raj 04-01-2014 12:30 PM

Processon Online Diagramming Platform
Build up smart online diagrams through a web based tool called ProcessOn. Diagrams are common way to interpret information. It is widely used by students, corporate and even by individuals. It is a smarter way of showing up different results. We are going to discuss about a web based diagram making tool. It is called as ProcessOn. ProcessOn offers a one stop online diagram solution. You have everything under one roof. Along with making diagrams you can also instantly share it with others or show them up through real time collaboration. It is a powerful platform for everyone. Being a web based tool you can use it anywhere. You can open the site on your tablet and start making diagrams, or you can use your pc also. For mobile phone, things get smaller, but if you have a Smartphone then it is easy to use. It is built on HTML 5 and JavaScript. It offers fast output on slow network also. Ideal for a team to show up their target results or for student to make projects, ProcessOn delivers smart features. For saving time you can use the ready to use templates. You can then modify them.

It has a diagram library from where you can choose tons of shapes and objects and then share them through social network. Simplified interface makes it easy on touch based tablet and Smartphone. Due to web based platform it is ideal to use anywhere. You have an option to create free diagrams and show up creative way to share information. You will just have to create an account in that. And you can choose from various flowcharts, professional diagrams, charts, etc. Once you are done with the design it has a network section from where you can go ahead with sharing your diagrams in real time mode. It has a live chat mode for a team to interact with each other. ProcessOn is not just limited to sharing and making diagrams, but you can go ahead with real-time chats with other team member. It adds a bit of social networking features through which people can easily interact and share their view.

  • Free Diagramming software.
  • Easy to use
  • Web Based Diagram Platform
  • Real time collaboration
  • Online Chatting
  • File Management
  • Professional Network
  • Team Network

Raj 04-01-2014 12:31 PM

Re: Processon Online Diagramming Platform

To create diagrams just go on from your web browser. You can do the same from your tablet also. Click on Sign-up to create a free account. If you want to test then you can also click on Try ProcessOn. You will get a live demo of all features. Once you are logged in you will see the dashboard through which you can share your files or you can instantly start online meeting with others and discuss. The benefit of using ProcessOn is real time collaboration. You don?t have to rely on any other third party application or screen sharing tool to show your work to others.

Through the tool itself you can share things and make changes. It has a live chat support that offers you instant chatting. You can easily invite only specific people to view and check your diagrams. A bit of restriction is good for privacy. In the below image you can see the dashboard of Processon. It has a simple home page where you can share updates with others and they can reply you for the same. You can also send and receive messages from other.


Towards the left you can see a My Team section from where you can create your own team and add them in the project work. Through ProcessOn id you can manually add people to the team and work with them together. This gives a shared workspace type of feature to all with update wall. People can view your designs and leave comment on that. You can go ahead with live chat and start a discussion. Different team details are available at single place. You can get all the Team Diagrams, Team Notes and list of Team member under the Team section. You can add and delete team and also allow others to see your discussion. This is similar to having a hangout. There is no live video chat support.


Raj 04-01-2014 12:32 PM

Re: Processon Online Diagramming Platform

To start making a diagram you have to click on New Diagram on the dashboard located on the top left side. After clicking on that you get a set of different categories to make a diagram. You can also begin with a blank one. In the below image you can see all the categories like Flowcharts, BPMN, Value Chain, Event-Driven Process Chain, UML Diagram, UI Mockups, iOS Mockups, Org Charts & Venn Diagram.

ProcessOn Dashboard

Other than this ProcessOn also offers other smart features like adding a Rate system in diagram through which you can find out how popular or how effective the diagram is. Below every diagram you will get a comment space. You can invite people to share your views and easily chat with them on changes and modification. You can use the Clone Diagram option to create a duplicate diagram from existing one. You can modify it and make it more better leaving old version as it is. This can be used for revision purpose later on. As you can see ProcesON is a nice functional online diagram tool. You can create different charts and diagram on it and share the same with others. The benefit of using this tool is that, first it is free, second it is easy to use and third you have a real time conversation in it. It is ideal for different industries to discuss things online. I had tested a few more online flowchart software. They lack a good team meet ups. But you can link your diagrams through social networking. Compared to that ProcessOn is a bit better here for your entire diagram. They are not leaked outside. You can modify the permission and share your diagram on the basis of invite only.


ProcessOn is a smart way of sharing and creating design online. Without spending a penny you are getting a reserved place for sharing diagrams. It is more than a ready to use diagram software. It provides you a real-time collaboration with your team mates. To use it efficiently you need a good internet bandwidth. Being an online tool it does not really depend on any third party app support. If you want to test out the same in your tablet pc then keep your wifi on. I had tested this on a 2G network. It is extremely slow. Also you must upgrade your browser version to get fast output. It does not have any Android or Windows App. You have to rely on the web browser if you are opening the site on Smartphone or Tablet. However, adding an app for portable platform is beneficial other than using the same on web browser.

  • Easy to use Diagram Tool.
  • Different Diagram Category.
  • Simple UI and Real Time Calibration support.
  • Does not work well on Tablets.
  • Requires good internet speed.

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