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Raj 19-12-2013 12:25 PM

Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse
Rapoo T120P is a stylish 5Ghz wireless mouse. T120P comes in 5 different colors. They are White, Black, Yellow, Red and Green. The special feature about Rapoo T120 is the smart touch wheel. Instead of having a traditional scroll wheel this mouse comes with a smart touch based control. You have to swipe your finger up/down and left/right to use it. It offers you feedback through vibration. It is a very light weight mouse, but becomes heavy after adding two AA batteries. It works on big size battery instead of AAA which comes commonly in many wireless mouse. That can be due to central wheel mechanism that needs more power. Under mouse, Rapoo offers three categories. The first is a laser mouse, the second is touch mouse like T120P and a regular optical mouse. Rapoo has already delivered some really smart products. This consists of touch based wireless keyboards, portable speakers and headphone. This company has some serious innovative products. They not only feature a good design but also are smart to use. Like recently we had reviewed Rapoo E9180P Wireless Touch keyboard. You can find that in our review section.

Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse

Today we are going to checkout Rapoo T120P RED mouse. In terms of looks it is small which fits well in your hand and is handy to operate. It operates on a Bluetooth dongle. You have to connect it on your pc or laptop. The cost of this mouse is Rs.2899 as marked on the box. It is costly but somehow I found the mouse impressive in usage. It does not look like using a regular mouse. You can find cheaper models easily, but you won?t get a touch based support with smart design. The mouse operates on 5Ghz wireless connection through which you can easily use it from long distance.

  • Intelligent Touch Wheel ? Smart 4D wheel with touch and vibration feedback.
  • 5Ghz Wireless Connection ? 5Ghz Wireless transmission offering you support of 2.4Ghz wireless, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.
  • Nano Receiver ? Plug and Play Nano receiver for effective connectivity
  • Colors ? 5 color different choice to suite your personality.

Raj 19-12-2013 12:26 PM

Re: Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse
Rapoo T120P has a very competitive price. If we take the budget of Rs.3000 then we have ample of great models still in the market. So this mouse has stiff competition. Rapoo T120P is not a complete touch mouse. It has a sleek pad at the center that controls scrolling and swipe that are supported by clickable right and left keys. When it comes to touch mouse then Logitech Touch Mouse 600 is amazing. It has great design and it does not feature any keys. This one comes for Rs.2300. And the costliest one is Microsoft Arc Touch that comes for Rs.4200. We check out more about the design and other features to find out whether this one is worth buying or not.


The model that we got for testing is in red. It has impressive look and the body elements also look durable. It is smaller compared to traditional mouse size. The nano receiver that works with the mouse works on 5G transmission. This offers it powerful range upto 6 to 8 meters. I had tested this mouse from the range of 6 meters where it worked really well. There was no distraction in between nor there connection drop issue. It is an ideal choice for projectors where you can sit back and operate big screen size easily. When it comes to looks, Rapoo T120P is smart. It does not look cheap from any angle. It has a glossy finish over the body with black base. It has a very nice grip also.

Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse
Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse

At the front side it has three clickable keys with smart touch in between. To scroll you just have to sweep your finger up and down. You will feel a vibration which acts as a feedback. We can adjust the scrolling speed or stop wherever we want. A single red list lies on the top side. This light blinks when the mouse is not connected to the nano receiver. Once it is connected it will stop. So here we don?t have any light indicators all over the body. If in dark you lose the mouse you cannot find it.

Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse

At the bottom lies the optical sensor with on-off switch. Below the panels lies the battery slot. Rapoo T120P operates on AA side battery. I am not sure about the battery life as I had used it for few hours. It can be around 2 to 4 months depending on the usage. A regular wireless mouse works easily for 4 months on AA battery. The NANO receiver has a space inside the battery socket. You can keep it inside.

Raj 19-12-2013 12:29 PM

Re: Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse
Touch Based Scrolling:

The design and intelligent touch wheel are the two primary highlights. As we had already seen the design we will emphasize more on other features. Rapoo T120P is easy to use. It is ideal for laptops, tablets and projectors. It works well from long distance also. It does not lag if you are using from far away location. The 5G transmission offers it smooth connectivity. Intelligent touch wheel is placed at the center that controls scrolling. You can scroll up/down and left/right. You just have to swipe your fingers. That’s all. You will get a feedback through vibration. Even after being an optical mouse it is smooth and accurate. You can use it on various files, and even play games. Without battery the mouse is very light but after adding the same, you can feel some weight in your hand. Overall the mouse is quite easy to use. And it also adds a bit stylish look on your desk.

Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse Design

Rapoo T120P Wireless Mouse


Rapoo T120P Wireless Touch mouse comes for Rs.2899. The package does not come with battery. You have to add that separately. It has impressive look and different color choices. Optical sensor is fast enough to work on any surface. You don’t really need a mouse pad for it. The keys are clickable like traditional mouse models. The scroll is controlled by intellect touch with vibration feedback. 5G wireless connection offers you long range support. But when it comes to price, this mouse falls on the costly part. The reason lies with other competitive models in the market. Here Logitech Touch M600 is a full touch mouse which is cheaper compared to Rapoo T120P. A bit of price relief will make this mouse good solution.

  • Attractive design
  • Intelligent Touch Scrolling with vibration feedback
  • 5G Transmission offers long range coverage.
  • Not affordable
  • Bit heavy after adding battery

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