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Scubie67 11-12-2013 04:11 PM

Xbox One system update releasing soon
Microsoft has deployed a first update for correcting the Xbox One gaming console for gamers who have their console in standby. Several bugs have been erased, including those related to multiplayer access.

Available from November 22 worldwide, the Xbox One today gets a first update of its operating system.

For pgamers who have left their console on standby at night, the update is downloaded around 2am. It will then turn on the machine manually (voice function will be temporarily inoperable) and the installation will proceed automatically over a period of between two and five minutes.

Those who completely turned off their Xbox One will have to wait until December 13, 2013 from 1am to download automatically when the console is turned on.

Xbox One

This update brings several expected bug fixes, particularly at trouble to join a multiplayer game online, or problems with WiFi connectivity fixes.

List of corrections:
  1. Fixed issue of SmartGlass for some users when they connect and disconnect.
  2. Resolving multiplayer access when rejoined online.
  3. Improving the performance of the console interface.
  4. Fix problems related to inconsistent notifications.
  5. Improvement TV service on Xbox One, the system updates and content.
  6. Updated WiFi drivers to improve connectivity problems.

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