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cech 20-09-2013 04:30 PM

Cannot see pictures in Windows 8 Mail
I am using Windows Mail as the default mail client. From last few days I a having a weird problem with it. Sometime it does not download any mails. There are still pending mails in the list while sometime I can only see black messages. Now all is working fine. But there are not photos visible in it. What can be the problem. I am using this from quiet long time and this issue just started now.

Rhesa 21-09-2013 11:16 AM

Re: Cannot see pictures in Windows 8 Mail
Try to reconfigure it. Mail is a part of Windows Essentials. You can remove it and download the latest version. You can also go ahead with checking the same via Windows Update. I think that is more better.

Suigetsu 21-09-2013 02:19 PM

Re: Cannot see pictures in Windows 8 Mail
Check your internet connection first.When you open a email it downloads its content from web. If your net is having any issue then it might not open up well. You will keep on getting the same kind of issue. You can try checking out the download speed via speedtest. If the net is fine then some security application can be the reason. For security purpose many antivirus does not allow you to view images in a email client. You can click on the browser version and checkout the full mail in a web browser. If you want to see that in Mail, disable the antivirus for sometime and check back. I think that is more better. While the last thing you can do is simply remove Windows Mail and install it back. But do not forget to backup your mails. To backup Click on File > Export. You will have two options there Contacts and Messages. Choose the second one and select Windows Mail. In the same way you can import everything back in your system. This is the best way to fix the problem and it works really well. There is no issue with backup and restore.

Cauvery 23-09-2013 10:47 AM

Re: Cannot see pictures in Windows 8 Mail
There are some security features in Mail itself. It blocks links and images if it found the same suspicious. So if you are trying to view images on some kind of marketing mails then just avoid them. Mark them as spam.

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