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B^eha^r 02-07-2013 12:29 PM

Windows Media Player 12 loses music in its library
Hi, i'm in need of some urgent help from you all. This is windows 7 ultimate running with Media Player 12. I recently started using WMP for listening music. I have all my music stored in the one place (My Music Folder). I made all settings in libraries and all. It worked fine until i closed it. next time when i started the same i found most of the music files are not showing up in the library. I had to again make it search for files to get listed up in library.

Now the problem is this happens every time i restart media Player. I dont understand why and how does it looses the files even though they are all stored in the same folder. Any help would be appreciated. It is getting annoying to search for music tracks everytime.

Maq.H 05-07-2013 04:47 PM

Re: Windows Media Player 12 loses music in its library
I have been through this problem couple of months ago. After several troubleshooting finally i came through one that helped me to finally get rid of the same. Here is what you need to. First of all open WMP and click on Organize. Now click on Options and go to Library tab. Here check mark the option "Only add missing information". You will find this under "automatic media information updates for files".

Check the image for more reference:

Let me know if it fixes the issue.

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