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Nimmee 07-06-2013 06:23 PM

Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus
I am having a Windows 7 laptop. My friend gave me his 16GB Sandisk USB. Last time also when he gave me his usb, there was ample of virus in that. After connecting that to my system there were constant virus warning. I am using AVG here. It is a free edition. Somehow the antivirus managed to clean the usb last time. But now when I plugged it again, there was a bluescreen on the desktop. The same thing happen again when the antivirus tries to run a automatic scan. While there is no issue if I scan it by right clicking on the usb.

Kakashi Hatake 07-06-2013 06:28 PM

Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus
You will need to give the complete error report here which can help more. You can find that in Event Viewer. Go in Event Viewer and checkout the latest error report. Post the complete error log here. That will be more helpful in fixing the issue.

Ebadaah28 08-06-2013 03:28 PM

Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus
Looks like there is some virus still in your system. Bluescreen is commonly caused due to memory faults. I will advice you to test that one time and then check back. All you have to do is simply download a bootable memory scanner. It is called as MemTest. You can download a iso file of the same and burn that on a DVD. Then just boot your system with the same. When you boot it, the same will run a full system memory scan. If there is any error detected then the issue does not lies with the antivirus or usb it with the memory. You will have to change them. There are few troubleshooting options that you can try. You can change the ram slots and test back or you can simply clear the ram edges and put them back. But if the scan does not locates any error then the only option left here is to replace the antivirus. There are many other good antivirus available. Ample of them come in two edition. One is a paid and other one is free. So get a free edition and then scan your system. I think your existing antivirus is not able to clean your system due to which you are facing that problem. You will have to change the antivirus here. When you remove the same try to run a some good registry cleaner software. It will wipe out unwanted system registry keys and make your system to perform more better.

Dalajit 08-06-2013 06:28 PM

Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus
Try to run the scan in safe mode and test back. I think that will be more better. If in safe mode the scan works fine and there is no crash then it means there is something which is preventing the same. It can be due to virus also. I will advice you to use Norton here.

Rance 10-06-2013 03:11 PM

Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus
You can also try to update the usb drivers. Did you checked the same on different ports. It is possible the current port which you are using is not proper and due to that you are getting a blue screen error. But by updating the drivers or by changing the ports the issue can be resolved. If that also does not work then as mentioned above change your antivirus. Get a trail edition of any free antivirus. The trial edition offers you complete features with all security options. You can simply install it and update it. Do not forget to remove the old antivirus from your system. Because there can be errors if both are working at the same time. There is one more option that can be helpful here. You can try system restore. But there is a risk. When you run that there are chances that it will also restore the old removed virus. It is better to change the antivirus. There are nice antivirus available on the web like Kasperksy, Bitdefender. Just collect a trail edition of the same and test it out. I think that will be more appropriate to get rid of the problem you are facing.

Aaryan2011 10-06-2013 06:48 PM

Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus
Try to update your chipset drivers. It also happens that virus damages the drivers or some system files which cause this kind of serious system failure problem. Try to update each and every drivers in your system and then test back. I think that will do the job.

Swiz 11-06-2013 02:25 PM

Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus
It can be due to faulty drivers. I had gone through the same kind of issue. Whenever I connect my Sony Ericsson mobile phone to the pc via microUSB cable I got the error. First I thought the issue was in my system. But that was not the situation here. The issue was due to outdated drivers. I simply updated the same and the issue was resolve. I use the mobile phone as usb and it was also also loaded with tons of infected file. When I tried to format it my system crashed. Inside Event Viewer the error log was pointing to a usb driver. It was some .sys file. Through device manager I had first manually un-installed the antivirus and then installed it back. The issue was resolved. I am using AVIRA here. It automatically scans my pc for infected files and clean it. And this time the system stopped crashing. So it is mostly a driver problem. There is no issue with the antivirus nor with the system.

Bjork 12-06-2013 10:17 AM

Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus
My issue was resolved by running system restore. That did the job. It was a bit complicated to find the solution for me. So I instant ran system restore. There were ample of things stopped working which started once restore process was successfully over.

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