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Abbie 13-08-2012 04:43 PM

'Durango' a Xbox 720 development kit sold on eBay for $20k
An eBay user has sold a tower touted as a "Microsoft Xbox Development Kit Durango" on Sunday, at a tidy sum of 20,100 dollars.

Offered at a starting price of 1 dollar, the so-called development kit associated with the new Microsoft console which is still pending, has accumulated 43 bids and was finally sold for 20,100 dollars. However, the auction has something doubtful here: illustrated by a single image and is short on descriptions about the content of this tower - provided with a power cable and a controller.

What has probably attracted the looks of potential buyers is the pseudonym of the seller: SuperDaE. It's the same person who had published on Twitter, last week, the first screenshot taken from Kinect 2, named "Durango Kinect" in relation to the code name used for the new Microsoft console.

Expected to last six days, the auction has yet to be finalized earlier than planned as yet confirmed by SuperDaE on Twitter. Maybe this net eavesdropper would not see the sale closed for legal reasons, and is banking on what he had.

It still remains now to see whether this tower @ 20,000 dollars has something in its class, and if the buyer plans to reveal its secrets if possible.

Scubie67 13-08-2012 04:46 PM

Re: 'Durango' a Xbox 720 development kit sold on eBay for $20k
It is still unclear whether that thing is a fake or real hardware. The doubts, however, are large, so a fake is possible. Although one must note that developer kits may well look like a PC. If the DevKit might be better, Microsoft would likely have been taken against the seller. And still no actions are been taken by microsoft.

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