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racer 23-07-2012 12:42 PM

BlackBerry 10 will have Voice Assistant like Siri
For the next major version of its operating system "Blackberry 10", RIM has implemented a vocal assistant similar like the iPhone or Android.

By launching its iPhone 4S, Apple has introduced a new voice recognition "Siri". Several alternatives were immediately developed for Android and Samsung that has also tackled the task with Voice-S embedded within its Galaxy SIII.

What about BlackBerry? In September 2011, after publishing seven BlackBerry, RIM has quietly introduced voice capabilities to its mobile phone. However, they remained limited to queries. The N4BB blog specializes and was able to recover an alpha version of BlackBerry 10 and found that mobile users will also be able to perform certain actions within the applications installed.

In addition to the classical, the user can open and close an application, launch a URL on the browser and take notice of the time and local weather. The feature will also allow the search for a route, the composition of a phone number or a message on BlackBerry Messenger, adding and editing an appointment in the calendar, creating a memo or playing a song.

Unlike the work of Google Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), whose research assistant no longer relies on an Internet connection, this new BlackBerry 10 requires communication with the servers. You can find presentation videos here.

The question is whether fans of BlackBerry smartphones will use this feature.

SpearMan 23-07-2012 12:47 PM

Re: BlackBerry 10 will have Voice Assistant like Siri
The voice recognition works well and integrates with the system. Perhaps the technology from Nuance, taking into account is that this is a development version, and therefore the voice is too similar to Siri and hence this could be a problem in its final version. It still remains to be seen in detail about its functionality beyond cancel a SMS or make a web search.

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