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--MasseySian-- 20-07-2012 12:23 PM

It looks that eBooks still need more improvements
I have been reading eBooks from past many years. I have been using Kindle for this purpose. After all these years, I can say that eBooks are quite under developed even after being in existence for past many years. I think many other developments like having ability to scribble notes or some important points on a page like real books should be possible or maybe have tools to edit the content manually should be given. What do other people think about it?

Eeshwari3 20-07-2012 02:11 PM

Re: It looks that eBooks still need more improvements
I agree that eBooks are quite underdeveloped according to the technology available, but what can be done to improve the reading, the text will remain the same, the content and the meaning of the words will remain same. If you are thinking of having some fantasy based development like text flying out of the eBook or pictures popping out, then I don?t think that it will be possible soon. Such development will take more years to get hardware supporting such fancy features. For now, the eBooks are good as they as they are. I don?t think that any new development is needed in eBooks.

Kakashi Hatake 20-07-2012 03:46 PM

Re: It looks that eBooks still need more improvements
Many eBook readers nowadays have started providing fancy features like marking important text in an eBook. The marked text will then be possible to be read separately whenever needed. Also some eBook readers provide features which can sync an eBook on multiple devices. For example, you can read a book in your eBook reader and mark the page till where you have read it. So now if the same eBook is present in your computer or smartphone, then you can continue to read the same eBook from the saved point from wherever you are. I think that this is an good development.

shetty 20-07-2012 05:58 PM

Re: It looks that eBooks still need more improvements
I don?t think that eBooks need to be developed. Rather one will need to develop the hardware that is responsible for handling these eBooks. Like in real life, we can have multiple books open for reading at a time and then we can continuously. I think that such feature should be introduced in the eBook readers so that we can have more than one book to be read and marked at a time. This feature will be useful for students as many of them need to refer many books at a single time. I think this feature is needed in the eBook readers. It will be really helpful.

Chopfyt 20-07-2012 06:54 PM

Re: It looks that eBooks still need more improvements
One development can be done is that when we buy a hard copy of the book from market; a QR code should be given with it. Using this QR Code one can download the eBook for the same book that has been purchased. Now that we have the hard copy as well as the eBook with us, we can have the book with us for a longer time. Even if we are not in position to carry the hard copy of the book along with us, we can read the eBook at any time from the eBook reader. But this will create another problem, which is of piracy of the books as one person can pass the QR Code to another person for downloading the book for himself. But I think having a hard copy as well as eBook will be good.

Hadriel 21-07-2012 12:14 PM

Re: It looks that eBooks still need more improvements
As we know that many books have related forums or some way to contact the author. A feature in eBook should be provided using which we can mark some part of the book and send our opinion to the author or discuss it on the forums. Many times it happens that we read something in a book and we feel that the point needs to be discussed or should be asked if anything else was to be denoted. But after reading the book we either forget about it or even if we remember it, then we forget the chapter number, page number or what exactly was it. So using a new feature we can simply mark the lines along with information like, chapter number, page number and submit it to author or on the forums.

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