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baggio 07-06-2012 03:17 PM

Max Payne 3 Patch information
I brought Max Payne 3 a week ago for my PC and had it installed. But after starting the game I sw that the resolution I had adjusted the game to wouldn?t work properly. The game would be stretching to make the edges fit properly. Due to this, the picture would look like stretched. On confirming with some other friends of mine who too are PC gamers, they said that this is a known issue. Rockstar Games have failed to program game for the proper aspect ratio and various resolutions available in the PC. I thought that since I waited for such long time for Max Payne 3 and it also is such a good game, I?ll wait for some more days till developers release some patch to rectify the errors in this game. Recently I heard that some new patch is available for the PC version of the Max Payne 3. Can somebody tell me what the patch will contain? Have the developers included correction of resolution and the aspect ratio in this new patch? Can somebody tell me about it?

Kunal_R.One 07-06-2012 07:04 PM

Re: Max Payne 3 Patch information
The new patch released by Rockstar Games for Max Payne 3 solves the problem regarding the locking of game on an improper aspect ratio. This problem would be commonly seen on the computers with monitor of aspect ratio 4:3. The aspect ratio of Max Payne 3 would be stuck on 16:9 leading to cutting of the sides of the video. Also the characters and the objects in the game would look squashed due to it. Now after this new patch is applied, the game will automatically detect the aspect ratio of the monitor and start the game likewise. Rockstar games has also declared that in their next patch they will add further more resolutions and aspect ratios that can be selected through the display settings of this game. This patch also rectifies many other problems that existed in Max Payne 3. Many people were reporting that Max Payne 3 would launch in a pre-defined graphic settings which wouldn?t change. If any attempt was made to change the resolution, an error saying that 0 MB of video memory was available. This error too has been corrected in this patch.

Though developers had mentioned in the specifications of the game about the operating systems it will work on, many people complained that it was false. Developers have solved these compatibility issues regarding operating system in Max Payne 3 using this patch. Many people who played this game had noticed that game would crash during the startup or would crash at a specific point. Many crashes would be noticed in the game, especially at the checkpoints. No reason has been found or specified for this bad behavior of Max Payne 3. But most of these crashes have been rectified in the new patch. This game wasn?t even properly compatible with many audio devices like headphones and speakers. This was due to incompatible audio drivers. This problem is also solved and now many speakers and headphones are compatible with this game. Since the PC version of Max Payne 3 has used uncompressed audio, much low end hardware wouldn?t support many sounds and music in this game. Many people have notified that if the player would be running, the footsteps would be heard, but when some other sound, for example, gunshot would interfere it, the sound would stop playing. This problem has also been solved.

When Max Payne would be in prone position, shooting would become difficult as the mouse seemed to become stiff unexpectedly and would increase difficulty for the player. This problem was also noticed in ShootDodge mode in Max Payne 3. This was happening due to improper mouse sensitivity settings in this game. Since the game is weight based, developers have introduced a feature where the handling of gun would change according to the position of Max Payne in this game. But this didn?t well as expected and some problems as mentioned were found. To cover this problem, Rockstar Games have improved the sensitivity in Max Payne 3 and provided a sensitivity slider in the options of the game. This can be used by the players to adjust sensitivity of the mouse according to their wish. The sensitivity slider will have value from 1 to 10 which will change the sensitivity of mouse in game accordingly. This change has also rectified the mouse acceleration problem which has resulted in better aiming system.

Sunny.Leoness 08-06-2012 06:59 PM

Re: Max Payne 3 Patch information
I think that one thing Rockstar Games have missed in this patch is to provide the player with a key to skip the cut scenes. I think that most of the people who have played Max Payne 3 and wish to play it again will wish to have an option to skip the cut scenes. The lengthy cut scenes become boring once you have seen them before and you know the whole story. Having cut scenes in the loading screen was a good idea, it saved a lot of time, but they should have provided some option to skip them later on. It becomes more boring when you die in an mission and you have to see the whole cut scenes that come in between. Also Max Payne 3 has so many lengthy cut scenes that it seems like a movie rather than a game.

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