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johnson22 05-06-2012 05:58 PM

How to print documents with Office 2010
Nothing is easier than printing a text or a spreadsheet? Even, there are command that contains options which are often unknown. Here are some key points for Word 2010.

Printing with Word 2010

1. Reduce paper consumption
Before printing any kind of brochure or a probation report, it is often useful to check the layout. To avoid wasting paper, print multiple pages per sheet. To do this click on the dialog File, Print, scroll down the Pages per sheet list in the Zoom box. You can go up to 16 pages.

2. Play around with different types of paper
You can simply divide your document into sections, each with its own layout parameters. To insert a section, enable the Layout menu and click the small arrow to the right of the Page Setup button. In the list that appears, click Next in the Section Break area. Repeat the operation for each change of paper. Next, change the characteristics (margins, choice of printer and paper, etc) of each section individually via the Layout menu.

3. Block the printing of a paragraph
In your document, if there are certain pieces of text that are visible on the screen but you do not want to print those then just play on text attributes. Select the text that should not be printed. Right click and, in the list that appears, choose Font. In the Font tab and Attributes, select Hidden and click OK. Your text disappears. To make it visible, open the File menu, Options, select the View tab. In the Always show option, check the Hidden text and click OK. The text becomes visible on the screen (it is underlined), but will not be printed.

4. Create a banner
You may think that, in Word, the characters have a maximum size of 72 points. This is indeed the maximum value available from the Size list. However, know that you can get much larger characters (up to 1638!). Just type the desired size directly in the input box above the list. With a size close to 600 points (to be adjusted depending on your configuration), you can even print one character per page and assemble them to form a banner. You may have trouble finding the right size because the letters do not have the same width (the "m" is much larger than "i").

5. Determine your minimum margins
In the Layout menu, you can set the print margins (left, right, binding, etc). But you probably do not know the minimum margins to your own printer. To know them, in the Layout menu, click Margins and select Custom Margins. Enter 0 (zero) in each field and click OK. Click Fix. Each margin is adjusted to the lowest value allowed.

6. Add a watermark
To add a pattern that will appear at bottom of page in the Layout menu, click Watermark. You can get away with predefined text, like Draft. But if you prefer a personal image, click Custom Watermark, select Picture watermark and then click Select Picture and browse to the drive in search of an image.

Scubie67 06-06-2012 12:40 PM

Re: How to print documents with Office 2010
There are many office apps that lets you to print current page directly from the print menu, by clicking the down arrow button next to Print all pages. But Outlook does not offer these options at its Print menu, but instead you to click the little button of Print Options menu, then choose one of the Page Range options.

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