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Bhumi 04-06-2012 06:33 PM

How to access CM100 status or admin page
Now I have a simple question for you all but unfortunately it?s not at all simple for me. I am a new user of Cisco CM100 modem and I am also weak with respect to the networking terms and all. Anyways the only thing I just wanted to do is to get an access to the Admin page. Now I know that trying out some other IP address might help me with this thing but again unfortunately there?s no IP address coming into my mind could give me an access to this modem?s Status page. There is certain IPs that I have already tried out after others suggested me but none of them worked for me.

However the only option left for me was to contact the support center and get the IP address (I believed that they are the only one who are well aware of such things and can give the best suggestion), after listening the trouble they directly told me to get my modem?s default address of the gateway. When I tried the gateway default address I found that, instead of me getting the login message I am encountering a Timeout message. Haven?t tried out any web browser other than Internet Explorer 7. It?s you who is supposed to help me out and let me know the exact reason for the problem. as far as I know there is nothing wrong with the connection as the entire connection is done through Ethernet. Anyways if letting me know the reasons not possible then at least help me out knowing the correct IP.

Caelyn 05-06-2012 03:39 PM

Re: How to access CM100 status or admin page
Having the same issue here. Earlier I had no problem accessing the Status page with the IP only when I used to keep the router in line with my CM100 modem but whenever I use to try connecting the same modem directly then I wasn?t able to ping through the same IP i.e. Tried all the possible ways from then onwards but never succeeded. Also bought an Angry IP scanner for scanning the IP, I found an Active address in return. This address was somehow able to at least ping into any configuration but opening the Admin or Status page wasn?t possible at all.

Researched a lot about the problem and found that the router actually issued its own private address with the modem so therefore the system?s MAC address need not have to be replaced.

AmaF 05-06-2012 03:40 PM

Re: How to access CM100 status or admin page
You can go for using; this address is used for the cable modems whereas the are used for the routers. As according to my knowledge I know that the modem is not at all for the DHCP server. It?s the ISP i.e. the internet service provider from where the IP address is extracted for the computer system but most of the people believe that modem does the trick. If in case the computer system is connected directly then this system might have an entirely different and non-related address which might not even come within the range of 192.168?.

Other than the modem not acting as a DHCP server if you are not aware let me it also do not act as a router. its only the LAN on which the modem runs and acts as a host, your modem may act as host with from which you might get a status page. Hope this information may help you out in some way.

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