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Nidra 28-04-2012 06:49 AM

Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
Hi guys

I am very excited about the Microsoft introducing the Windows 8, and the retail version will be coming soon but there is something that is bothering me , I was reading the article on the web that said that Microsoft removed Media Center now why would Microsoft removed Media Center from Windows 8 . I really liked this Media Center feature on the windows operating system , what do you people feels about this and I even read that the Media Center is only available in the Window 8 Pro . is there anyone here know why is it so and what do you people feel about this. I will be really appreciating your feedback on this.

Thanks in advance

Gowri 28-04-2012 06:49 AM

Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
Well to be frank the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro good move there easy and clean. However Windows RT? How does one even market that? Oh, and thank goodness those awful logos are not on this page as a result of it shows me some hope they're going to be reworked. I actually have Question In describing the "Media Pack" (Media Center) as an "economical" add-on, will that mean we'll need to get hold of it?. No "media pack" for the non-Pro edition? I perceive moving Media Center to an add-on, however requiring the professional edition is ridiculous. Upgrading to Windows 8 goes to price quite I acquired my current media center laptop, and that i don't wish to shop for an Xbox to play media. Microsoft simply lost one upgrade, appears like i will move to XBMC or one in every of its variants. it ought to be an add-on for either Windows 8 or Windows 8 professional. Most home users who may wish media center can have Windows 8, not Windows 8 professional. If it's progressing to be an add-on hopefully a number of the bugs that are there for a protracted time can truly be fastened and updates are going to be accessible. Media Center user, upgrading to Windows 8 professional, then adding another "Paid" media pack does not create that sense to me economically, being that I would be upgrading from Windows seven Home Premium with Media Center already included. Counting on price i will simply stick with Windows seven in that case

AabheerM 28-04-2012 06:50 AM

Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
There must be Windows RT professional. Why wouldn?t business users want professional version of the tablet? in a very business surroundings this may be ideal. Tablets are already replacing laptops at an alarming rate and this may undoubtedly facilitate that along. Domain login and RDP would be awesome on a tablet. Why isn?t it an option? Media center just for PRO? That doesn't create any sense in any respect. Its on previous HOME versions of windows that is where it'd be used the foremost. folks use Home computers as media boxes. Where would anyone want media center in a very professional environment? virtually never. presumably it'll become accessible for Home within the close to future.

Where is outlook and access? while not outlook, blackberry still has the superior that is retarded as a result of RIM is all however dead and no-one uses blackberries anymore. if windows is serious on the business market with phones and tablets, these applications are a requirement. In our pc repair/sales search we've got a piece order database in access and that i wish to use it on a tablet. As well outlook ought to be a given as a result of windows live mail Is awful

CADELARIA 28-04-2012 06:50 AM

Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
Media for Windows 8 (not Windows 8 Pro) would create a lot of sense. For What It's value i do not mind paying for a Media Center add-on. simply do not need the professional version of Win8. I actually have to believe the parents scratching their heads over the name Windows RT? On the opposite Hand I do just like the reduction within the range of SKUs. Nice to visualize that MS is reducing the amount of SKUs for Windows 8. i favor the names for Windows 8 and Windows 8 professional, however I actually have to agree that Windows RT is that the wrong selection. What will RT stand for? Is it one thing appreciate NT? Why not simply decision it Windows ARM? that is what it absolutely was designed for, why not use the foremost logical naming choice? Whoever came up with RT must either justify themselves, or get slapped silly.

I as well agree that the media pack ought to be made accessible for the buyer "Windows 8". Media Center for Home users makes rather more sense than limiting it to geeks/professionals and businesses...

Villiers 28-04-2012 06:50 AM

Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
it's unhappy to see the end of Media Center. creating it an optional growth pack is Microsoft-speak for "it's going away within the next version". thus this may most likely be the last edition of Media Center. I still suppose Media Center has potential - particularly currently that Windows run on ARM. simply imagine a set-top box running Windows on ARM with Media Center. But, sadly, that's to not be, it seems. Windows Media Center ought to be made accessible to people that upgrade to the plain Windows 8. I cancelled cable one or two years ago as a result of i used to be do not interested in paying over $1,000 a year for a bunch of channels I did not watch. i exploit my Windows seven machine as a DVR and stream live TV into the lounge via an Xbox 360. Unless Windows 8 has WMC, at the same time as an "economical" add-on, then I see fully no reason to upgrade. Windows Media Center are going to be accessible as a cheap ?media pack? add-on to Windows 8 professional."

So this mean Windows 8 doesn't have media center as an choice in any respect, and you want to go along with professional and purchase one thing further that was previously supplied with the OS as a default? Or will media center keep company with Windows 8 and could be a paid choice for Pro? it'd be nice too if Windows media center are going to be accessible for traditional windows 8 and not just on professional

Menominee 28-04-2012 06:51 AM

Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
Media Center isn't just progressing to price cash however need a costlier Windows edition, is it safe to assume that it will be obtaining ample upgraded options and improvements? If not, it feels like the price and limitations are an honest incentive for people who use it to stay with Win7. i will run professional anyway, however if I actually have to get hold of identical options I've got currently in Win7 without charge, i will simply keep the media center laptop on Win7 forever. If windows 8 won?t have media center then the general public simply move to XBMC particularly if you have got to get hold of media center add on. And for people that use media center and media center remote they'd be out of luck and select XBMC simply because it?s free and works okay. I would have thought Windows can improve on media center (use scrappers, support for various layouts, etc) on Windows 8 however they went the opposite route of constructing cash instead.

Author 28-04-2012 06:51 AM

Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
Windows Media Center will be available on the Windows 8 or can it just be an add-on media pack for Windows 8 professional in order that it comes from somebody from Microsoft instead of folks guessing. My understanding is that it'll keep company with Windows 8 however not with the professional version by default and not all for the RT version. If it does not return by default with Windows 8 then that's an enormous disappointment and that i cannot see the rationale to upgrade my Windows seven laptop. i exploit Windows Media Center heavily with my Xbox since the Xbox cannot play all the formats I actually have my video stored in natively; that and therefore the undeniable fact that taking part in music through the native interface is a smaller amount than appealing throughout parties. I as well use it for watching videos off my pc employing a remote management, that doesn't play well with Windows Media Player. If my Xbox had a far better video app for taking part in high def content stored on my pc stored in formats that job on all my devices or are common on the web, i do not suppose I?d care. The MCE model worked nicely though since I may handle codec problems from my laptop and not need to watch for a bi-annual update to handle a possible deficiency in me obtaining my content to my lounge.

There will be no problem with paying an economical fee for the software, and that i love that you have simplified the SKUs, however relegating a content consumption product to professional sku targeted at domain users appears illogical. Aside from that i actually like what I scan. i do know i am a minority of your user base here, however i am as well within the minority that I had planned to shop for Windows 8 for my computers rather than awaiting a hardware refresh. this may bring pause to that call

Jacques25 28-04-2012 06:51 AM

Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
I don?t understand that why Microsoft has to make Media Center goes to be an price option just for Windows 8 Pro? Realistically, it'd appear that Media Center would be a lot of home-focused than business-oriented. And for once, i would wish to recommend a simplification of the assorted Windows SKUs that are progressing to be starting. When Windows nine, or no matter its moniker goes to be, is announced, will we tend to simply have Windows nine consumer and Windows nine Server? Why this arbitrary gulf between the options of the house version(s) and therefore the skilled version simply provide us one version for the consumer. value it decently, and stomp on OS X. Apple is aware of the way to do that stuff - why cannot Microsoft emulate the simplicity that Apple brings to OS upgrades? This multiplicity of versions is stupid - it's simply stupid, and there is no different word for it.

As for Windows on ARM, since it lacks several of the options that mark the X86/64 versions, why decision it Windows at all? decision it Metro, and be done with it. It's clearly progressing to do a foul job of running Desktop apps, although that is listed joined of its capabilities. while not RDP support, with no capability to affix a site, and with the opposite limitations it's, it's pretty obvious this is often designed for the (not terribly demanding) home user. perhaps it ought to simply be known as Windows 8 quite , or Windows 8 virtually. The choice are made, I've had my say, and thus have all the opposite folks here who do not that care of the choice of options and names. will anyone love what Microsoft is progressing to do with Windows 8? i am not seeing that support coming back from the client community. The day Windows 8 is introduced, it's progressing to be attention-grabbing on behalf of me to visualize what quite public reception it gets.

Devarsi 14-05-2012 11:05 PM

Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro
Media Center is what differentiates Microsoft from Apple. One sentence within the entire post and no previews of Media Center very concern me. Please concentrate to the present. It feels like most are that specialize in pay per read content. i need a simple thanks to store, play and luxuriate in content I've already acquired. just in Media Center are you able to use CableCard technology to record TV for later playback with just about unlimited storage. this is often the first use of 1 of my PCs. Media Center will use a heavy update, as a result of we tend to are operating off a ten year recent interface. i do not wish IPTV, i would like my native school sports. it is not all concerning primetime TV. i need to play all the music I own, and i would wish to have a feature wealthy and fast thanks to browse it like Zune Software. Media Center isn't smart choice for music. i need to digitally archive and play all of the DVDs I own, and that i wish a sublime interface that enables me to scan all concerning the flicks. Currently i exploit MyMovies with Media Center. It's good, but again, a serious interface upgrade is required.

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