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Raana 28-04-2012 01:16 AM

Unable to listen to music on my PS3 BT headset but can attend calls on my Curve 8250.
Hi guys! I recently bought many gadgets from a nearby Next outlet and I am starting to use it one by one (Thanks to the recent yearend bonus that got!). So, you are going to read a number of threads on each of these gadgets as and when I try using them and on which I find irresolvable issues. Hope that wont be a trouble for you guys. Anyways, getting to the topic why I actually considered opening this thread. Among these many gadgets that I was busy mentioning I happened to buy a PS3 BT headset too. It is working super fine with my device and I love attending to calls and using it totally hands free, it is also fun to look at people giving me weird looks trying to figure out why am I talking on my own. Anyways, the issue is not these people. It is about the fact that this device does not play any kind of music that I badly wish to hear. Look, I developed this obsession to devices and gadgets when I started reading your forums and all but my obsession to music dates very long and I am highly obsessed to every single kind of music that exists. So, listening to music is my primary concern now and an earphone that does not serve me in that regard means nothing to me. I am definitely not interested in switching between devices for call and music. So, all genuine diagnostic, troubleshooting steps etc are welcome and highly appreciated so awaiting some quick solutions for the same

Kork 28-04-2012 01:17 AM

re: Unable to listen to music on my PS3 BT headset but can attend calls on my Curve 8250.
Wow! That is a great thing to hear and there is no better experience than using a brand new gadget. Considering the fact that you have brought so many of them, you must be super excited. Also, I am very glad that this forum and we posters have played our part of role in developing this obsession in you

I would ask you to please reconnect the device as there are number of ways to do so and you might have chosen an option wherein you are not given any kind of access to the music or rather any files on the device but only to calls. Yes! There exists such senseless and baseless settings. I mean why would anyone want that. Anyways, let us leave that question for manufacturers to answer; I would like you to reconnect the device.

Raana 28-04-2012 01:26 AM

re: Unable to listen to music on my PS3 BT headset but can attend calls on my Curve 8250.
Trust me, it is a wonderful feeling when you know that the calling bell that just rang has the next new gadget that you ordered for. And then unpacking it and using it gives you a very different kind of adrenal rush that is totally unexplainable and overwhelming at the same time.

And yes! I am aware of some other stupid ways by which the devices can be connected which gives such a pathetic result, I tell you! But yeah, when I am talking about the connection of my device, I believe I have not followed any of these methods. I have followed the ideal way to do so, so I would please request you to enlist the steps that is included in the connection of the device with Bluetooth so that I can compare with the method that I followed.

Kork 28-04-2012 01:27 AM

re: Unable to listen to music on my PS3 BT headset but can attend calls on my Curve 8250.
Ok! Even I would like to believe that, anyways, please crosscheck it with the following steps to confirm
- Go to the Bluetooth settings that should be there in the ?Menu> Settings> Connectivity? of your phone. Out there, you should be activating the Bluetooth wireless connection. At the very same place, you will come across this thing called ?Search for new devices? option and click on it so that it spots your Bluetooth device. In a not very typical phone you might need to use the user manual for this task
- Now, keep your device off all this while. Make it very clear and be sure with the fact that the microphone boom is totally closed.
- After this, spot the ?call button? you can very easily spot this button on the device with the use of the picture of a phone that it sports.
- Now, this button should be pressed and held down unless and until, you see the illumination of the purple light that surrounds it, glowing
- Once, you see it glowing and turning purple, go ahead with simply open the microphone boom. Now, make sure that the purple light is On all this while because that is what indicates that the unit is in pairing mode. if at all you find the light to be off or not on or to be blinking continuously that will mean that the device is not in the pairing mode and to attain that you will need to repeat all the above mentioned steps
- After this, press on the search a new device on your cell phone that you had successfully spotted which will show you your Bluetooth device?s name on the screen included in a list. Now, in order to pair the two devices, select the device and confirm that you are willing to pair
- Next finalization step that you need to do is that you have to enter a security code if and only if your device demands for one. The default one is ?0000?. Press that and press enter, you will receive a confirmation message from your phone. And the headset will flash a blue light number of times, don?t be afraid or don?t get panicked as that is just an indication from the device?s end that they are successfully paired.

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