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kapilh 22-04-2012 09:45 PM

scheduled sms
Hi all, I am working as a volunteer with an NGO which is in its starting phase.We need the scheduled sms facility. I want to save the all sms, mob. no., date and time at one time and the sms should be delivered at the specified date and time to all of our clients.

I tried some free sms websites like, but there the scheduled sms can't be delivered at the DND mob. nos.

(preferably if customized sms could be imported from Excel sheet at once. )

The next thing is we want this facility free as NGO is in its initial phase.

I am new to the forums and this forum as well, so if the above post is more appropriate to be submitted in any other forum category, kindly let me know.

Moreover, i want some other good forums websites as well where i could post the same issue and for future reference as well.

Thanks and Regards

Kh@LnaYak 24-04-2012 01:38 AM

Re: scheduled sms

I tried some free sms websites like, but there the scheduled sms can't be delivered at the DND mob. nos.
Here i will like to inform you that if the user has applied for dnd with the network that he might be using then the message wont be delivered to it and as far as the other sites are concerned you can check out the 160by2 or fullonsms site.

kapilh 26-04-2012 04:24 PM

Re: scheduled sms
thank u for your reply, but the DND nos. are receiving sms from various websites like 160by2 if it is send immediately, but not receiving if it is scheduled sms.

i saw some of the paid software, which stores the date and time in itself online and send the message later on accordingly.
The process works like--suppose if i want the sms to be delivered later on, i will fix the time and date in the online software, and the date and time got fixed 'online' and whenever the time comes the sms is sent by the online software through sms website at the time being fixed on its own. In this process, the sms server is being asked by the online software to send the message immediately, so sms server did that, and thus sms got delivered at the scheduled time even at DND Nos.

IN short, the online software is acting as a servant to me, i asked 'online software' to get the task done by others(sms server/sms websites) at the specific time and he is doing that for me.

That software is paid and we can't afford it :crybaby:

'Should i post this query in other categories also??"

kapilh 27-04-2012 06:35 PM

Re: scheduled sms
Yes, My own no. is in DND, it is receiving sms through websites, but not receiving scheduled sms.

We are to wish b'days etc. to our clients, most of the clients have DND activated at their nos.

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