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Koman 21-04-2012 03:34 AM

How to use Gmail with Windows Live Messenger?
Today, for many of the people, most powerful source for an email account is Hotmail (now Windows Live Hotmail). Other than the mail service itself, this has been used to communicate with friends and family using Windows Live Messenger (WLM). WLM is still undoubtedly one of the instant messaging software used around the world, especially for those unfamiliar with options or are unaware that this can be done differently.

However, it is possible to use existing mail services to access WLM. And this is for the reason that the requirement asks WLM to connect a Windows Live ID and not a Hotmail or MSN mail. So how does one get the Windows Live ID which is to afford to drive WLM with our mail from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or even more personalized accounts like our domain?

There are several steps, but simple one is goes as follows:

1. The first is to sign up for Windows Live service and get our ID. To do this we must:
  1. Enter the address, find the option that says "Use an e-mail address you already have" and " Start now ".
  2. This will lead to the "Create credentials” where it will record the data of the account that you want to enter any service with MSN and Windows Live.
  3. Then we confirm our mail and accept the terms of use and privacy policy.
  4. After that we sent an email to the account you have registered to confirm our email.
  5. We can make use of the various Windows Live services with our email account Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or any other.
2. With the Windows Live Messenger with mail and password you have to register with Windows Live.

This is as easy as opening WLM and input our own data set, click log on and start to talk to anyone yet. At the time we are not having friends or relatives with whom they talk and you need to add them to accept us.

3. Different ways to add contacts to our account.
  • One way is to send an email to all our friends and family telling them that we will be using that account to login to MSN and they should add you to chat.
  • We have to add each of your contacts "by hand", one by one at a time.
  • Yes there are other ways to move around and contacts. First, take advantage of a program that allows us to connect to multiple accounts simultaneously (I can think Apatch or Messenger Plus! Live ). This will open both accounts on one computer. And with that we put in our nickname or personal message to our invitation for us. They will get add you and you will be able to chat with them. This is a slow process and so don’t think that it will be done over night.

4. Import contacts from messenger from one account to another one.

Whatever type of account from which we export and we import our contacts, this procedure is performed as follows: In the toolbar of the window of your old account contacts in WLM select Contacts> Save instant messaging contacts and select the location where the exported file to be kept. This file is a type of XML format that can be read by spreadsheet softwares or even with notepad. If you want you can edit this file to delete some contacts from the list to import, but be careful with the format, always keeps a backup.

Now log in with your new account and in the toolbar of the contacts window select Contacts > Import instant messaging contacts. Now navigate to the file that you have saved in the previous step, select it and click Open. After that, it will ask you for a final confirmation to add to your list and thus will be sent to each to accept you as a contact. Now you are done with this and you can use your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or any other to communicate through Windows Live Messenger.

Koman 21-04-2012 03:36 AM

re: How to use Gmail with Windows Live Messenger?
There are many of the comments on other sites that tells about the "E-mail address unconfirmed", which appears to be confirmed when the message sent by Microsoft when registering the new account. If you used an e-mail from a third party to create your Windows Live ID, you may be asked to check your email address. To verify your email address:
  1. Click Check your email address.
  2. You must ensure that the email address listed is proper, and then select send me verification e-mail.
  3. When you get the verification e-mail, go after the instructions on it.

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