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jns6971 18-04-2012 06:26 AM

Flash/Actionscript links won't work in Google Chrome
I have been developing a flash program that is very simple and little actionscript. I finished it and had no problems until I viewed it in a Google Chrome browser. When I clicked on a target that was supposed to bring me to another url, it would fail and nothing would happen. It worked in firefox, safari, and opera but not google chrome. Here is the link code I used:

navigateToURL(new URLRequest(""));

why does this url request not work in chrome?

Dwarner 28-04-2012 12:22 PM

Re: Flash/Actionscript links won't work in Google Chrome
I think this is just because that Google Chrome has a built-in Flash plug-in, and the other web browsers which you are talking about uses Adobe's standard plug-ins. So I think you should first try to disable this built-in Flash from Google Chrome. And if you are not able to do it just try and put about:plugins in the address bar and there you will be seeing the Flash list so in that list just try and disable the flash. Now after doing this just restart the browser and you will be able to run the URL which you are trying to run. Hope this helps you out.

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