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O'Shea 14-04-2012 03:52 AM

How to gain access to WHS v1 client backup with the help of disk image
I have comprised and tried researching this unique problem on the web through more than a few WHS forums other than contain not have several luck so far. I upgraded to WHS 2011 a small number of months ago commencing from my 3 drive WHS V1 inaugurated by purchasing the entire innovative drives and doing a file by file backup of the entire my shared folders and then copying it in excess of to the innovative shares on the WHS 2011 box. Just presently as insurance, I had generated Acronis True Image backups of the entire three drives commencing from the WHS V1 system and have encompassed them stored on my WHS 2011 box. I had just recently realized I necessitate a number of crucial files commencing from one of my system's that was backed up from side to side WHS V1. Is there a method to just presently have right of entry the raw backup content of the .dat files of the scrupulous system. I do not actually care regarding folder structure or even file names. As long as I be able to extract out jpegs or doc files. Is it probable to mount up the entire 3 images concurrently and boot into WHS V1 from side to side VMware or a number of additional virtual O/S environment and browse the backups as I might have comprised and been capable to when my WHS V1 box was working. If not, be able to I basically restore to 3 innovative drives of the similar capacity. I be familiar with the drives determine to have dissimilar hardware id's, other than the entire I necessitate is access to the client backups. Would it be probable to inaugurate WHS V1 as a virtual O/S and then copy in excess of just presently the backup database and content folders in excess of it. I might actually appreciate anyone's input on this. Thanks very much in advance!

DaminiAMD 14-04-2012 03:52 AM

Re: How to gain access to WHS v1 client backup with the help of disk image
There is no supported method to recover files commencing from client backups additional than on the server that to facilitate backed them up. Additional than it depends on you having a moderately superior knowledge of configuring apparatus. Do not be astonished if your server bluescreens on preliminary boot; you determine to have comprised and pulled the entire the hardware out commencing from under an Windows XP era OS and replaced it through different components. This be supposed to work, in view of the fact that the identifier that to facilitate Windows Home Server make use ofs on disks is one it creates, not one parched into the drive firmware. If you boot on the similar hardware as until that time, you be supposed to not even necessitate to worry regarding a bluescreen. Not easily; the files on your disks are not where it give the impression of being similar to they be supposed to be (D:\Shares\etc.), other than to a certain extent are in <drive>:\DE\Shares\etc. You determine to almost certainly have to pull the database together from more than one disk.

Chaaruchandra 14-04-2012 03:53 AM

Re: How to gain access to WHS v1 client backup with the help of disk image
I had installed WHS V1 utilizing my OEM DVD on totally different hardware utilizing a solitary 2TB drive in view of the fact that I be familiar with the client backups took up less than that. Subsequent to inaugurating and to bring up to date the O/S, I went ahead and shut down the back up services as inculcate in the Microsoft instructions. I then continue to copy in excess of the entire contents of the backup database folder situated beneath the drive extender "DE" folders on each of the three drives I had formerly. On one occasion I had the entire the contents copied in excess of to the innovative server, I restarted the backup service and inaugurated the connector software on my desktop. Astonishingly, the WHS V1 and WHS 2011 connectors did not fight each other. I went in front and logged into the console and was capable to view the entire my files commencing from my backups dating back to 2010.

HankH 14-04-2012 03:53 AM

Re: How to gain access to WHS v1 client backup with the help of disk image
Perceptibly without DE in WHS 2011, RAID is the most excellent probable solution for data redundancy, other than I had located RAID 1 is basically a waste of drive space particularly considering I have comprised a regular backup, so RAID 5 seems the most excellent solution. Considering these are the entire WD Green drives, I am unenthusiastic to run them in hardware RAID 5 mode though commencing from the entire the frightening I have heard due to lack of TLER. Originally I have comprised it set up in RAID 5 through six 2TB drives for 10TB storage, which is the amount of space I might prefer, utilizing my onboard RAID controller and went exclusive of a hitch and performance seems attractive good. On the other hand I have heard that to facilitate utilizing Windows Software dynamic disk RAID 5 might essentially be the safest route in view of the fact that Windows is aware and controlling the RAID.

akkiiii 14-04-2012 03:53 AM

Re: How to gain access to WHS v1 client backup with the help of disk image
A realistic answer might be that it almost certainly might not be fixed in Windows Home Server 2011, for the reason that the backup tool, and consequently the limitation, is inherited commencing from Windows Server 2008 R2, and I do not observe Microsoft investing to a great extent in the way of resources into this problem Windows 8, containing Windows Server 8, is almost certainly no additional than a year commencing from release at this position. There is a workaround, which necessitate you to organize multiple backup jobs physically via command line tools and programmed tasks read up on wbadmin for additional details on that to facilitate, other than it's not predominantly convenient. Note that with the intention of there is no consumer grade backup tool which deals elegantly through tremendously large volumes of data; backing up multiple terabytes of data frequently is a extremely hard issue to solve for a price a consumer determine to be willing to live through.

Wtfood 17-04-2012 12:01 AM

Re: How to gain access to WHS v1 client backup with the help of disk image
As for RAID vs JBOD, and hardware vs. software RAID, there are assortment of tradeoffs no matter which direction you go in and this discussion is not a superior place to learn regarding them everybody here has a number of sort of axe to grind, containing me. Starting on through this site is not the worst idea to be honest. If you completely be obliged to have comprised a single large pool of storage, and you have a backup strategy previously in place to handle it so you might not care regarding server backup, I might recommend sticking commencing from side to side Windows JBOD, and create certain backups were working and you be able to restore the complete server.

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