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Addis 13-04-2012 12:06 AM

55 Inch OLED TV by LG will Launch In May For $7,900
In January, LG and Samsung showed their first OLED TVs intended for mass production. The price of the Samsung OLED TV was recently told will be below the $ 8,000 but the LG OLED TV has known nothing. New rumors are now talking about a price at $ 7,900 and will be a launch date in May.

this new OLED TV during the Cannes Film Festival to introduce what the manufacturer gives at least the first of a 55 inch OLED TV. Whether this also eagerly will find is still questionable as $ 7,900 might be too much and the promise of cheaper OLED TVs do not really fulfilled. In addition, Samsung has already indicated its OLED TV just above the most expensive LCD / LED TV models to position, which equates to about 5000 dollars.

Let’s wait and see what the prices will be exactly but it seems clear that the price to the consumer is going to be decisive. If the prices were in the direction of the 7,000 or 8,000 euro / dollar will go beyond the acceptance of OLED another year delay.

Addis 13-04-2012 12:06 AM

Re: 55 Inch OLED TV by LG will Launch In May For $7,900

No price or release date to be known, LG has presented at a press conference in Las Vegas the first 55-inch OLED TV . Its slim frame and superb image quality place this prototype over any other LCD model we've seen to date, with blacks and as deep as a plasma television (at least under the complicated lighting conference room reserved by LG) and a spectacularly colored alive. Its most notable features, however, is its amazing image quality regardless of the position of spectator viewing angles are no longer a reason to be consider with OLED technology. The sharpness is exalted viewed from where you look, without any issue. You no longer have to fight for the boss place in the living room.

According to reports LG might announce his 55EM9600 OLED TV in May at the 65th Cannes Film Festival (May 16 to 27), and then launch it on the market shortly after. the announcement would be made in late spring. The choice, if confirmed, would be interesting and tie in a certain way, the new TV in the world of cinema, as well as ahead of the competition and the original plans of LG will be the same, who wanted an ad for the Olympics in London in July.

The LG TV uses a technology called WOLED-CF, in which a pixel is formed by four sub-pixel OLED white, with color filters above (red, green, blue and white). This technique saves on production costs, while limiting the thickness and weight (the 55EM9600TV has a 55-inch screen and that measures only 4 mm thick and features a slim bezel, plus it weighs only 7.5 kg.).

Addis 13-04-2012 12:07 AM

Re: 55 Inch OLED TV by LG will Launch In May For $7,900

But the key thing is LG may introduce its first 55-inch OLED TV 55EM9600 much earlier than expected. According to sources within the same LG, the onset may already be in May, taking advantage of the media showcase of the Cannes Film Festival. The aim would be to anticipate the rival Samsung (also about to introduce its first 55-inch OLED, however, expected in stores in September) and arrive in stores in time for the European Football Championships and the Olympics London.

the launch price: $ 7,900. That would be less than 6,000 Euros, but we fear that we will see again in a 1:1 ratio or so. but wait a couple of months (the Cannes Film Festival will take place May 16 to 27) for confirmation and discover all the possible details.

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