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Vento 10-04-2012 11:22 PM

My Nokia E7 keeps restarting. How to get over it?
I happened to buy a cell phone, a Nokia E7 which has left me in knee dip trouble and I have no idea how to get over it. It thus happened that the other day, I fell in love with the features of this cell phone and since it fell perfect to my pocket, without any doubt I went ahead with buying this piece. However, that has turned out to be a great trouble to me. It all started with a very small issue with the charger port, I visited the Nokia Gallery and they smiled welcome turned to red faces in a week when I repeatedly visited them till I got a replacement. It was like dropping cockroach to hold a snake. The problem with device was even stronger. It gave me unidentified troubles. It started restarting as per its own wish. It has now started restarting amidst calls or typing text messages. I have no idea how much loss has this caused me. I am about to throw this against the wall any moment. Please come up with a solution till I lose my cool.

Kork 10-04-2012 11:23 PM

Re: My Nokia E7 keeps restarting. How to get over it?
This looks like a serious device issue which according to me cannot be resolved merely with the assistance of a forum post. I feel you should go back to the gallery and make their faces yellow from red and ask for another exchange or rather refund. However, I don?t think there?s any policy of refund though. Anyways, you should give it a short. Doing anything with this device me won?t really help. It might give you temporary solutions only. On long run, it?s again going to show the same symptoms, tempting you even more to throw the piece or as a matter of fact giving you higher losses.

Vento 10-04-2012 11:23 PM

Re: My Nokia E7 keeps restarting. How to get over it?
This solution is the first one to be ruled out. I would rather go and throw the device into lake, I don?t care about the loss, trust me. But to again go and face all that I just faced few weeks back I need to be a fool. I would appreciate and try any advice, even if it is washing my device with soap apart from going back to those people again and behaving like a beggar inspite of the fact that you have paid for the service and it sucks big time.

RidD 10-04-2012 11:24 PM

Re: My Nokia E7 keeps restarting. How to get over it?
Very true, the service at NCP is pathetic. However, sometimes we are left with no option but to contact them. But since you want to keep it as a last option or rather a ruled out option, let us think of other options to sort your issue out. This issue might possibly be a result of a faulty SIM card there are two ways how you can find this out
- Remove the existing SIM card and try inserting some other SIM card and let it work for some time. See if the problem persists
- Remove the SIM card and put it into some other cell phone and try using it. And check for the problem by using it for a long time

Vento 10-04-2012 11:24 PM

Re: My Nokia E7 keeps restarting. How to get over it?
Both the tests failed miserably. The new SIM could not work on my device, nor did the old SIM give any trouble to the other phone that I used for testing. So, the issue is clearly with the device and SIM card issue can be kicked out of the concern list, right? Anyways, my wall and lake are equally awaiting my cell phone can expect an action soon because. It got totally turned off now.

RidD 13-04-2012 12:27 AM

Re: My Nokia E7 keeps restarting. How to get over it?
Ok! this sounds to be more of a peculiar issue now. In such a case why don?t you try some basic troubleshooting steps like:
- Try holding the power button till it vibrates 3 times. This should restart the phone
- Check if this issue occurs only on the use of a particular software or application
o If there is an issue with certain application, delete that application
- If even that makes no difference, try soft resetting the system, this should solve your phone?s issue once and for all.
o First of all, you need to create a back up of what all you have in your device
o Post that, dial *#7780# on your num pad. This is a code for resetting the device
o If asked for lock code, type in the code you have saved. If nothing is saved enter ?12345?
o No data will be lost technically. However, some errors might cause corruption of data, to prevent that I asked you to back up. But yeah, your entire settings will change to factory settings.
- If nothing changes, the last step to be taken is a hard reset. This is the ultimate solution
o Create a back up using Nokia PC Suite as I mentioned above
o Dial in *#7370# and press the dial button. The rules for lock code is
the same
If even this does not work, you can happily throw our cell phone or take the pain of replacement.

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