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vistadude 05-03-2012 09:18 AM

Recovered Data Question
Okay gang.

I just ran across a file in my recovered zip files. It is labeled as history.dat from my Firefox folder. I attempted to open it and popup said, "these files are used with the operating system" I'm paraphrasing this. "Editing or modifying these could damage your system."

But I am not planning on doing either. I just want to read the files to write to paper. Thats it. Just read the files.

Can I do that? The former OS is on another HD which is not in use. Please tell me that this is okay to do--if it is indeed safe, and with instructions on what to "open with" if necessary.

I will be hoping for good news.

GaganjyotTechie 05-03-2012 12:16 PM

Re: Recovered Data Question
As far as the dat file is concerned it may be a picture, video, data, email attachment, etc.a picture, video, data, email attachment, etc. and in order to open it up you will have to find out kind of file it is, anyways if you want then you can try to change the extension to JPG, .PNG, .DOC, .XLS, .AVI and see if you are able to open it up or not.

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