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XDRoX 04-03-2012 11:23 AM

Pocket Wikipedia: For accessing Wikipedia in Offline Mode
Pocket Wikipedia is basically a application that allows one to access Wikipedia in offline mode that does not mean the whole Wikipedia’s shebang, the Pocket Wikipedia is said to be composed with around 14 million articles along with 24,000 images which over all will be a 175 MB zip file. It is having a user friendly interface as shown in the images below and allows a quick and easily access in order to get the article you might be looking for. It can work on both Windows as well as Linux and also on Widows based mobiles. This software will add smile to one’s face who need to frequently refer Wikipedia.
  • Screenshot from windows operating system:
  • Screenshot from linux operating system:
  • Screenshot from Widows based mobile:

DanielaA 18-06-2012 05:41 PM

Re: Pocket Wikipedia: For accessing Wikipedia in Offline Mode
The content looks very outdated. I had used this and found very poor interface. It is really irritating to use it. I hope there can be a much better version of this software on web which can be used to get nice interface. I tried to find a similar too which can help to view Wikipedia images and articles. But there is no dedicated tool. It is a bit uncomfortable to read on this small software. If there is any better tool then please provide info here.

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