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ChrisUlrich 28-02-2012 12:31 PM

Tips to create an RSS Feed from a Forum Thread
One can now get an RSS feed for their specific thread by using a common feature known as thread subscriptions, basically one can setup to email when a new post is created and further those mails can be used to generate an RSS feed. There are a no of web apps mentioning that they can generate RSS feeds from your email but then we have tried out few of them and they really did not worked well, The worst thing about them was that they need your email password and I don?t think that any of us will be willing to do so, anyways below is the tips that will be using Blogger?s post via email feature so as to create a RSS feed, just check it out:
  • You first have to create a new blog and for that you can use Google?s Blogger service using this blog you will be able to aggregate the thread subscription emails and after that one can just subscribe to the blog?s feed after it gets set up, make sure that you are giving your blog an appropriate title and also a url that can be remembered easily.
  • You can choose the template that you want and just feel free to choose the ones that you like as it is just a means of creating an RSS feed and the template won?t matter, no matter what you choose.
  • Once your blog is created there are some setting that needs to be changed as these blogs are not likely to get a number of hits, so just go into the Settings page for your blog and after that just navigate in to the Basic section and just choose ?NO? for ?Add your blog to your listing?? as well as for ?Let search engines find your blog??
  • Now just enter the Site Feed section and after that select ?Full? for ?Allow blog feeds?
  • When you are done with the above then just navigate to the Email & Mobile section and then check mark the ?Publish emails immediately? for the ?Email posting Address?
  • If your feed reader capable of handing the feeds and if they require authentication as well then you can just lock down your blog in order to have the access to yourself, in order to do the same just go in to the Permissions section and then just select the Only blog authors radio button.
  • But then if feed reader is not supporting the authenticated feeds in your case like the Google Reader then just keep it public by selecting the Anybody radio button.
  • If you are also concerned about the copyright issues then you can also give proper attribution and in order to do the same just Click on the Design tab which will be at the top of the settings page and after that just click on the Edit which will be there side to the Attribution box and then type the appropriate message for your blog.

Now you can just set up to accept posts via email and now you just have to subscribe to the RSS feed which will be generated by your blog, you can now easily.

ChrisUlrich 28-02-2012 12:35 PM

Re: Tips to create an RSS Feed from a Forum Thread
When you are done with the above steps than you can forward Email from the Forum Thread, this part is for forwarding the emails from the forum software to the posting address that you will be defining for e.g. There are a number of ways by which you can automate the same, you can follow the below step here:
  • First just create a new email address and after that just forward all the email from there and then create a filter based on the title for the incoming emails If you want then you can just create a sub-address and then forward all emails to that.
  • In the below example you can try out the sub-addressing method in Gmail using a simple filter.
  • First create and login in to gmail account and then click on the settings and then click on ?Forwarding and POP/IMAP?
  • After that just enter the email posting address which you has chosen previously and then click on next.
  • Now gmail will be sending a confirmation email to the address so just got to the same address and then check out the email and then click on the confirmation link.
  • Make sure that you are deleting the email to be at the safer side and in order to do so just enter the posting section and then click on Edit Posts and then on delete.
  • Once you are ready for creating a filter than go on to your gmail account and then go in to settings and then click in filter and then on Create a filter, so here we will be going to filter based on the To field of an email and use sub address ( so just enter the below information and then click on create filter with this search.
  • In order to keep the Gmail account clear of the threads that will be posted on the forums we will have to forward the filtered email to the posting address and after that it can be deleted, so just select the below options in the below image and then click on Create Filter:
  • And you are done so from now if any email is sent to your sub-address will automatically get posted on your blog as well as your blog?s RSS feed

ChrisUlrich 28-02-2012 12:37 PM

Re: Tips to create an RSS Feed from a Forum Thread
  • Now it is the time to subscribe to the Forum Threads and check out your hard work and in order to do so just follow the below steps:
  • First just got to the forum that you want to follow and after that register with the sub-address.
  • After registering you can just check out the account options where you can just change the email address.

Now just check out for the thread that you are willing to follow and then click on the ?subscribe to the thread? link.

You can choose the options that you like as there are different subscription options.

So now anyone will reply to the thread that you have subscribed it will get posted to your blog and it will be there in your RSS reader.

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