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Tech^Geek 25-02-2012 01:21 PM

Google Chrome shows bookmarks as ?encrypted?
I am using Google Chrome on Windows Vista. I updated Google Chrome to its latest version a couple of days back. After updating, all my bookmarks show the message saying ?this page is encrypted and cannot be accessed?. I tried every possible way to solve it by changing setting s from Options but nothing helped. Can somebody provide me any solution to my problem?

Beatricef 25-02-2012 01:22 PM

Re: Google Chrome shows bookmarks as ?encrypted?
This problem has occurred with many users of Chrome. It is because Google has upgraded their security with encryption. Google has upgraded to MD5 encryption of data which is 128 bit encryption. This has caused encryption of links in users browsers. Because of this your browser does not accept links which are encrypted with RSA and DSA key. Google is working to fix this problem and soon will come out with solution, patch or new stable version of Chrome.

PhoebeM 25-02-2012 01:23 PM

Re: Google Chrome shows bookmarks as ?encrypted?
To solve this problem I tried synchronizing the bookmarks. You can find sync tools under Node Browser tab > Root > Google Chrome > Bookmarks. Important information on synchronization can be found at chrome://sync/ page. During this research I found that some bookmarks had flag "encrypt*". Here are some bookmarks and what I found,
- ID field do not have the same syntax (so does NEXT_ID field)
- BASE_VERSION is set to -1 on the wrong bookmark
- IS_UNSYNC is set to true (I think the error is here)
- SERVER_* informations are mainly unset (even SERVER_SPECIFICS node)
- serverModelType is "Unspecified" on the wrong bookmark.
Maybe I will figure out something here, But I haven?t found anything worth solution to the problem.

FarhaS 25-02-2012 01:23 PM

Re: Google Chrome shows bookmarks as ?encrypted?
In my case, I too had this same problem, bookmarks getting encrypted. But it would be gone once I signed up using my gmail account. I tried using many accounts that of my friends and relatives and the same happened. When not signed in, Chrome would show bookmarks as encrypted. For a recognized/registered user they worked normally.

Carita Carlos 25-02-2012 01:23 PM

Re: Google Chrome shows bookmarks as ?encrypted?
I solved the problem, I too was getting same problem of encrypted bookmarks. To solve this problem follow the steps,
1) Sign in using Google account.
2) In Options, in ?Personal Stuff? tab, find ?Encrypt data type?.
3) Change this option to ?Encrypt all sync data?
4) Restart Google chrome.
After restart there may be chances that ?Encrypt all sync data? might automatically change to ?Encrypt passwords?. This will again encrypt your bookmarks. Change it to ?Encrypt all sync data? and all your bookmarks will work fine.

folker2 14-05-2012 04:34 PM

Re: Google Chrome shows bookmarks as ?encrypted?
This doens?t help at all. I tried what is written in the last post and now I have duplicated my bookmarks only. Before I had 900 Bookmarks, now I have 25.000 encrypted bookmarks and my passwords and autofill form are not working anymore.

Google staff says in their forum that the users should avoid to change anything when they have encrypted bookmarks. "In the meantime, please DO NOT change any of your sync settings as it may exacerbate the issue. " They still working on a solution. Some user already wrote about more than 35.000 duplicated bookmarks. They say after deleteing the duplicates also the originals were deleted after syncing.

After an amout of 20.000 bookmarks Chrome isnt working proper anymore, always frozen, slow or crashing. Now i changed to Opera and wait until they fix the problem. But because the problem exist since february, i believe it must be a major problem were we have to wait some more month until there is a solution.

Interesting: The problem occurs only with bookmarks which contains a favicon. All other bookmarks still look fine but also have lots and lots of duplicates.

SUpER CoP 14-05-2012 06:57 PM

Re: Google Chrome shows bookmarks as ?encrypted?
There is a extension for Google Chrome called SuperSorter that searches your bookmarks for duplicates and lets you remove them collectively or selectively. It can sort your bookmarks in ascending or descending alphabetical order, delete empty folders, merge folders and make a case sensitive comparison of bookmarks when looking for duplicates. Check that extentsion and see if that solves the issue.

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