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Chheda 24-01-2012 11:59 PM

How to make VirtualBox shared folder accessible to Ubuntu 11.10 user?
I am running Virtual Box on MacBook Pro under OS 10.7.2. I am running Ubuntu VM through Virtual Box. I was bit frustrated to find my shared folder in Linux OS directory and it was not accessible. I need to Command-Click folder and open as administrator. Then I need to do the same for Virtual Box sharing folder inside whenever I wanted to access it. I tried with changing the file permission but it does not worked for me at all. can you suggest any way to get the requirement of mine?

Aniela 25-01-2012 12:00 AM

re: How to make VirtualBox shared folder accessible to Ubuntu 11.10 user?
You have to launch terminal program and you have to login with username and password.
Run below mentioned command.

~ $ cd /etc/group
You have to put the same into the correct directory.

~ $ cat group
You have to go for bottom of the list. You have to edit that line only.


~ $ sudo usermod -G vboxsf -a [your username]
Restart your computer and launch the terminal of yours.

~ $ cd /etc/group
You have to run below mentioned command.

~ $ cat group
You will see that username is appearing in [vboxsf] group.

  • Once you have done with the above mentioned steps you will need to perform with following steps.
  • You should close Terminal and go for GUI desktop.
  • Launch Home folder and open [File System] folder.
  • Go for [/media] folder and choose Open as administrator by using Command-Click.
  • New folder window will open on the computers. This folder window is an administrator folder window.
  • You should not close it until you have done. You have to select Sharing Options menu item and complete the window which you have open. Now move back to [/media] folder.
  • Again go for [/media] folder. You have to [Command-Click] Virtual Box Shared folder and choose Make Link. You will see that into [/media] folder. If you wanted to edit the link then you can edit the same.
  • You should drag the link to GUI desktop. You have to close the Folder Windows. Reboot.
  • By using that particular link you will need to use Virtual Box shared folder which will open without navigating to it and you should use "Open as administrator."

Jezriah 25-01-2012 12:01 AM

Re: How to make VirtualBox shared folder accessible to Ubuntu 11.10 user?
Looking at the situation which you have stated over here I am suggesting following thing which you can try to fix.
  1. You have to Select Devices and go for Shared Folders from the VirtualBox menu.
  2. After that click on Plus Symbol to add folders which you wanted to share on the Guest machine.
  3. You will have an option to set to auto-mount and mount.
  4. Launch terminal and run below mentioned command.
  5. sudo usermod -a -G vboxsf USERNAME
  6. reboot the system and all the shared folder mounted into /media folder.

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