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Dipanwita 24-01-2012 06:07 AM

How to compile program for PowerPC Ubuntu?
Can you tell me how can I compile program like Seamonkey to PowerPC Ubuntu? I also wanted to know if it can be used for the other program which are intel only by utilizing the source code. I am having both Tiger and Ubuntu running on Power Mac. We know that OS X is unix-based. Does there any kind of similar technique for the program on Mac OS X. Feel free if you are having useful information in this particular situation.

Jezriah 24-01-2012 06:09 AM

Re: How to compile program for PowerPC Ubuntu?
Consider you wanted to compile program named ?Foo? on your computer then you will need to install build packages by running following code.

sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot dpkg-dev
create a new directory and CD into it.

mkdir foo-build
cd foo-build

you have to add needed ppa repository to the repository list and update

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:foo
sudo apt-get update

you have to download the source

apt-get source foo
it will download and extract source code tree. Once it is completed there would be new subdirectory in the build directory and cd to it.

cd foo-version-etc
you should see that you have installed all the dependencies.

sudo apt-get build-dep foo

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b

if you are having multi-core machine then you will need to speed up the build by adding ?jobs' flag.


dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -j4
once the compilation is completed you back up to the build directory

cd ..
you will see another deb files which you will need to install

sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb

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