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mahramandas 18-01-2012 03:21 PM

linux/W7 start up problem
i 'inherited' a Packard Bell (model NEW91)computer with linux and W7 both installed.

when i turn on the computer, 97% of the time linux starts up automatically without any choice or even white text saying "press F2 for set up"... a couple times I did see it though, and a few times I got a black/white text screen where i could choose Windows from a list. the only thing i see before linux login screenis for half a second an NVIDIA logo.

The linux that starts up says TM85 under a logo, but i cant login as I don't have the login info (i can get it if necessary to fix this).

i tried pressing F1, F2, F11, F12 and all at the same time while starting up, several times, but it only causes the start up process to seemingly freeze, black screen, lights on, but nothing happens. then i have to boot it again from the button.

i want to use the windows and possible delete the linux, if possible or necessary.

can someone help? thank you in advance :)

jamessmith2099 24-01-2012 06:26 PM

Re: linux/W7 start up problem
Plz tell me which OS is beter Linux or windos -7.
currently i'm using windos XP

Orlando 24-01-2012 06:51 PM

Re: linux/W7 start up problem

Originally Posted by jamessmith2099 (Post 5553921)
Plz tell me which OS is beter Linux or windos -7.
currently i'm using windos XP

If you are using Xp, than better go for Windows 7 only. Using Linux is too difficult for windows users, as it has completely different UI. Also windows 7 has been the Successful windows OS till date. :thumbup1:

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