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mezzmorized 01-12-2011 08:06 AM

BSOD 0x024 no xp startup cd's
Am trying to fix my computer which has been having the dreaded BSOD with the error 0x024. Have tried entering into any mode possible with no luck. can enter into the bios, but not sure what i can do there to fix it.
i don't have any of the xp start up cd's and am having trouble locating any to borrow. i had a power failure last week which we think mught be the cause.
is there any way to download the bootable cd's so i can somehow access at least any part of my computer. All i can do is enter the bios.
Any help would be appreciated.

jaykant 02-12-2011 04:48 PM

Re: BSOD 0x024 no xp startup cd's
Anyhow it can be fixed by running chkdks via cmd. But as your system crashing you can only enter in recovery mode. There are some bootable disc on web, but they are far more complicated to use. Anyhow if you can manage to enter the recovery mode of windows just run CHKDSK /F /R. This might sacn the disc for bad sector. Atlast if nothing works you will have to re-install windows.

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