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teabags 17-11-2011 11:58 PM

windows 7 and fedora 12 linux dual boot issue
Hello, i have a huge issue, i have a laptop with windows 7 installed on it and i created a new partition of 15 GB and installed fedora 12 linux onto it, everything was fine doing dual boot first time. I then created a new partion and rebooted system as it was required..when i did that i get put straight to black grub screen and cannot get to either operating system.
When i put in my windows disc and act as if im going to do a full install of windows again it shows all of my partitions there, but not allowing me to boot into anything .. a friend told me that it was the grub that was the problem and had messed up my boot this right and how can i fix this??

thank you

newtech 18-11-2011 03:21 AM

Re: windows 7 and fedora 12 linux dual boot issue
I think that the problem lies in the way Windows 7 creates partitions. If you set aside say, 32000 MB to install the OS, it?ll create two partitions: one small partition (< 100 MB) for the boot manager (I guess this is taken from /boot partition of Linux distros) and another one with 31900 MB where the actual files are copied (In most PCs this is C:).
  1. Boot up the system from a live Linux CD.
  2. Create an NTFS partition in which you will install Windows 7, with enough space.
  3. Create ext3/4 partitions for /, /boot and /home as you wish.
  4. Create a swap partition if needed.
  5. Now install Windows, choosing the NTFS partition.
  6. Then install Linux, the usual way.
  7. GRUB will automatically detect Windows 7, and add it up to the boot menu.

teabags 18-11-2011 04:23 AM

Re: windows 7 and fedora 12 linux dual boot issue
thanks for responding:thumbup1: .. so is there no way to save everything on my computer? got to do a complete fresh install of operating systems?
cause all my partitions are still there and i guess that means both operating systems are there as well as everything on the computer still??

teabags 19-11-2011 07:18 PM

Re: windows 7 and fedora 12 linux dual boot issue
its ok, i managed to save windows 7, had to delete the partition linux was installed on though..well, guess i'll start from scratch again..thanks again

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