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EveryWer 16-10-2011 06:42 AM

Black screen of Metro 2033 on Windows 7
A day after yesterday when I downloaded Metro 2033 from the Steam sites for the first time I used these website and I downloaded metro 2033.suddenly I got a message that your input is not supported resolution found failed 1600x1200 is not supported . I am not able to get back to my computer there is getting some problem similar to it hanged the pc. So I restart and try to start on safe mode. I cleared the entire install driver after then try but I didn’t get any success. So any suggestion how to fix the problem?

Addison 16-10-2011 06:43 AM

re: Black screen of Metro 2033 on Windows 7
For the windows 7 OS software I get an issue when I want to boot the system in window 7 boot disc is not connected to the hard drive? After a while I try again to connect to hard drive it refuses to boot at all. Really it so strange .when I try many times then I not able solve out the problem then my friend suggest to just go on sites you get help from them your problem can be solve out

ZAHAR 16-10-2011 06:43 AM

re: Black screen of Metro 2033 on Windows 7
Hi, I presently install Windows 7 on my computer .which I thinking that the viruses came into my pc. After then fresh installed win7 into my pc?s but the screen go dead and saying Input file is Not Supported. Now the pc?s notable to load into the system it come back to past BIOS screen, I try many times to solve the problems but I getting the different error message I try from win7 boot CD then ultimate I not success to do that, there is virus affecting the file or windows 7 resolution affecting everything.

jaykant 16-10-2011 06:44 AM

re: Black screen of Metro 2033 on Windows 7
When the setup is running if hard drive is not connected, that means there is problem in your boot order it like logically setting problem then after restart your computer press delete button till the bios setting did not get into your desktop, find the boot order sure make the order CD-ROM or DVD or DVD player it is a first boot .then once when done ok and runs make sure that first you want to repair it you get all the defected file restore to your pc?s if you format all the data will be loss all the data.

Sitia 16-10-2011 06:44 AM

re: Black screen of Metro 2033 on Windows 7
Yeah I am tried to install win7 but didn?t get success to complete install. So when I tried with repair system it also getting error message then fix the boot error and load image. Try to fix system boot before that you get some additional problems if can boot the system then boot it press f8 continuously till you not see any choice to boot go into safe mode. There is rarely chance to come virus into safe mode. Access your windows without any driver backup your format stuff and install windows. Then delete all the virus from the safe mode there may be a spyware remaining. Change make disabling AHCI it is tough to do all. Then it best for me to format and try to but I not able to register I need to make confident what the difficulty is in the system.

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