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Capulet 30-09-2011 12:10 AM

Reaction on using OS X Lion
I am very impressed with the Apple Inc and loyal to them since very long time and now with the arrival of lion OS it?s got even better I have great. Lion offer for some ground-breaking appearance and features. What features are you?re mainly overwhelmed with I really do like to know about this so kindly guys please reply to this I would be very glad thanks

Ernesto4 30-09-2011 12:14 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
I'm overwhelmed that Apple bowl away years of high-quality design and functionality of desktop computers are not mobile devices, why struggle to copy IOS when they serve different reason These gesture are too indistinct and irritating Lion is gray and unattractive That could have made the similar window property for Leopard and it work enhanced. No Applications PowerPC Snow and Rosetta Leopard had worked things Did you observe the load bars and buttons Windows is seen as badly designed and iCal and Address Book, I expect you have a skin as they are just hideous, they should be a number of skin templates online, the majority of them are improved than that I might go on and on, but no wisdom. I?m not scared of change, the modify made is essential but why not change for the better lion is a huge jump backward.

AnitG 30-09-2011 12:14 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
So that means that you dint like the Lion OS and you argument are actually convincing now you made me think about this

kraal 30-09-2011 12:15 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
I wouldn't name it for the most part overwhelmed but I impressed with the new Mail. And that would be concerning it. I don't make use of Launch pad. little icons are cool on a little iOS display, except these extra-large icons cover my 27" display are cheap at finest, particularly when I'd have to strain through 8 pages of them to discover what I require the dock is single click and I can put in my own folders or docs to it, thank you. plus I do not care for recommence I akin to begin with a fresh slate there would be extremely a small number of instances where I would be doing the similar thing each morning. In any case, I can stop it, but its additional steps I don't actually wish for

Enriquee 30-09-2011 12:15 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
I actually don?t dislike it, but put side by side to Snow Leopard I believe is poorer, it may run faster perhaps but it should be way nicer that the thing they bring. Hope the make the proper changes to get it deliver better

Deep123 30-09-2011 12:15 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
It might run faster That perhaps, although it also look as if to be a memory dominate the simply thing open is Firefox it's using 2.70 GB of RAM and most important part task is using as regards twice the RAM it does in Snow Leopard u have 12 GB of RAM, so it doesn't trouble me, but the system requirements state a least of 2 GB and I contain to question that.

Emiliio 30-09-2011 12:16 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
I have to say that I have a lot to learn again that it is very annoying and time consuming! I think Apple is trying to help, but in many compliments, they are not. The main believes it is very annoying for me is that when I want to scroll down a page I just used to slide down to see the entire page is backwards now that I think is counter sensitive Why in the world would want to scroll up to see the underneath of the page and vice versa? It's very frustrating to learn fresh things or even make sense. We must be able to at least have the option in the options and to make our computers work better for our individual requirements and wants the majority of my preference as disappeared and it look like I have to start from scratch all over again. I was excited about the transfers of Lion upgrade I've observe all the videos and read the tutorials, but now I'm so eager at all. I have to take care of my every move on the track-pad, because my display changes faster than I was working and did not see and I have to take the time to change my mind back to where I was. I'm sure more I work with Lion of the things I see I do not like. I cannot even access my devices without turning and go back to what I was working at this time. I also give a thumb down for Leon due to the fact that simple things I did before the "Upgrade" is complicated. I sent this message initially as a response to someone of Australia, but the answer did not go from end to end since there was an error of some kind. Then I established a message that was not sanctioned to make changes even though it was my answer.

Zhankana_n 30-09-2011 12:17 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
Its happen with all things There is forever going to be a changeover phase when upgrading and with any luck you will obtain all the features again you are used to. I have not had sufficient instance to play around with Lion up till now although I am also quite fresh to Macs, just return after about 15 years gone on Win machines so I wasn't used to the whole thing yet. As far as the scrolling, I become aware of that right away too but have read you can alter it back if you wish for

Aleksandra 30-09-2011 12:17 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
Love the design of new e-mail, as I used to use an addon to get somewhat like it is now. I've only come across a technical problem ARD + iWeb difficulty, but everything else seems so happy. Launchpad is a gag, but it was eye candy anyway. For me, Mail was value the price of admission into threaded conversations and cleaner interface. Ah, yes, it will be cold versions and other vendors to register for it.

DanielV 30-09-2011 12:17 AM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
I just merely been using it for a some hours, however apart from the speed amplify, the fresh features are driving me nuts, stuff just appear so much more hard and not convenient

SalVatore 30-09-2011 10:55 PM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
Well I like to add that on the scrolling stuff, you can modify that in the settings. They default it to be currently like an iPhone or iPad. They are trying to build the whole thing look and feel 'mobile device

Sasuke Uchiha 01-10-2011 10:47 PM

Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion
Hey guys I notice all the remarks are interface ones. Edition is entire fresh standard and on its own is value the price of upgrading.

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