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GoutamB 18-09-2011 07:47 AM

CPU usage rises to 100% while opening Youtube
Windows XP had been one of my favorite operating system and still I am using it in my computer. I am frequently updating all the update things as well as security things. Yesterday I have seen a strange problem in my computer and that my CPU usage jumps up to 100% while I open Youtube video on Internet Explorer and the screen lock up. Furthermore when I am try to play mafia wars, then also the same issue. I cannot see any videos. What wrong with this computer?

Muwafaq 18-09-2011 08:00 AM

Re: CPU usage rises to 100% while opening Youtube
Invite you to the Process Explorer to replace Task Manager Download and install it. This is a much more powerful replacement for the Windows Task Manager. In the menu under "Options" You can ProcessExplorer permanently set up as a replacement for the Task Manager (Replace Task Manager). This is highly recommended because the process explorer has considerably more features than the Task Manager. If you made this setting, opens with the key combination CTRL + ALT + Delete no longer the Task Manager, but the process explorer. This can be any time by ticking off this setting is reversed.

KennedII 18-09-2011 08:00 AM

Re: CPU usage rises to 100% while opening Youtube
The problem is that I usually only have one program open. And actually, it may not even be running if I only have one program on the utilization is equal to 100%. Or? I've been trying ever so many processes as possible to stop, but not so much because I know them I did not know what processes are important to you.

Dritan 18-09-2011 08:00 AM

Re: CPU usage rises to 100% while opening Youtube
I think it's the DMA. Are you sure it is operating correctly? I had with me the problem is that I spiked all the audio files and video files, which were played from a CD or DVD. This is because I was disabled when the DMA. To check you can, whether you correct the error: Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Select the desired IDE and -> Device Manager -> Expand IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers open -> Advanced Settings -> Control: It should now, if a DMA chip is available is understood to be turned on the DMA mode. There you should see the "DMA if available" set. After a reboot, the current transfer mode is automatically set to DMA.

Elijah*Blue 18-09-2011 08:00 AM

Re: CPU usage rises to 100% while opening Youtube
In your case does not concern only the name but the processor load used. Kill the process annoying and you will see much later if it was a virus in which case the PC it will work after nickel to search the disk and deleted. Then restrict communication ports to the firewall via useful 80 for http, etc. For the open P2P ports so at your own risk.

Baldwin 18-09-2011 08:01 AM

Re: CPU usage rises to 100% while opening Youtube
I have the Security Task Manager now, but do not indicate any program that uses the time where the CPU goes to 100% more. This is also only for 1-2 seconds to 100%. Perhaps the notice of Security Task Manager will not? Earlier, also ran the VLC player times for a while without problems. The CPU utilization remained below. At some point, but then it started again. Now it just increases every 30 seconds to 50% utilization.

Akaashath 21-09-2011 10:46 PM

Re: CPU usage rises to 100% while opening Youtube
What we need currently is in concrete terms: In each line there is a process, some of the lines are not right processes, except simply pseudo processes for the activities of the Windows kernel. In the menu View => Select Columns dialog opens in which you can select which columns to be displayed with information about the processes. In the move to the tab "Process Performance" and make sure that there "CPU Usage" is ticked, the "CPU History" would also be useful. Under "CPU Usage" is the present value of the CPU handling of every process is exposed "CPU History" displays for each process, a diagram one that shows a curve with the CPU utilization for the previous time.

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