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Aaryan2011 23-08-2011 11:13 PM

Windows Showing Webpage error: "Out of memory on line:17"
Currently I am running Windows 7 and so far I didn?t get any issue with this computer. The problem started me only after the Internet Explorer update. I just updated it and now a webpage showing me some kind of error message and that is: " Out of memory on line:17. What is this about and how can I fix this?

CRiley 23-08-2011 11:17 PM

Re: Windows Showing Webpage error: "Out of memory on line:17"
It seems to me like a programming error in the line of code page 129 is likely in any database management or command PHP, ASP or other dynamic languages..

If you do not own the page, do not worry it is not your problem ... You just have to wait until it is settled and when to report to the webmaster, but if your site is looking at that point in the code of the page there are errors.

There are various programs to increase the memory allocation to the java although this does not remove the problem they can reduce their frequency.

Furthermore take MC-Patcher, in the "Options" tab Change the value of java heap size to 2048. If it does not work try to reduce or increase over this value. Warning! Go easy on that value. it should be between 512 and the max of your ram (2048 or 4096 in general). Also use CCleaner, to give a nice clean Temporary Internet files. You can also use the excellent Free History Eraser: Check the integrity of objects of Internet Explorer, the operation of Java Virtual Machine. I also recommend a quick check antispy / malware.

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