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Triyama 09-08-2011 08:08 PM

Need suggestion for DSLR EOS 550d canon
I move toward getting the Canon 550d as my first DSLR. One concern that I have in brain is that is this exact model regarded 'old' regarding that it was discharged final year? In the event that in this way, what could be an equal of this model? Or is there no such thing as 'old' because preferable camera might be purchased? I'm actually revamped to the land of DSLRs so I would give anything to see some feelings.

switchblade327 09-08-2011 08:08 PM

Re: Need suggestion for DSLR EOS 550d canon
Need to see what you would give anything to shoot more. For instance, imo, just about any camera might be utilized for pictures, actually depends how you have a desire to utilize it. You would be able to attempt utilizing the 550D case I which has the 18-55mm camera, or the unit II which has the 18-135mm, if I'm not wrong. When I got my 550D, I found that I needed something longer or more telephotos (e.g. 200mm or 300mm) for my style of shooting. Some might incline toward more extensive camera like 10mm if they like scene picturesque shots.

BansiJ 09-08-2011 08:08 PM

Re: Need suggestion for DSLR EOS 550d canon
Not being a team to rest on their trees, Canon's successor to the mainstream EOS 500D, which was just discharged under a year in the past, divisions a significant number of headliners with the newly discharged EOS7D, but at a much more level cost indicate.

Antonio1 09-08-2011 08:09 PM

Re: Need suggestion for DSLR EOS 550d canon
The 18Mp CMOS sensor gives a more extensive extend of certain ISO sensitivities than its ancestor, without needing to prepare the ISO development choice in the menu. ISO6, 400 now comes as a standard alternative, giving a small more headroom for flat-light shooting than its forerunner. An equal of ISO12, 800 can in addition be prepared through the ISO development choice. The Auto ISO alternative has additionally been tweaked, with the fitness to determine a most extreme ISO being united. This is a welcome augmentation, as it will permit the user to anticipate the picture clicker from climbing the ISO too elevated to counteract zoom camera shake.

Ceesar 09-08-2011 08:09 PM

Re: Need suggestion for DSLR EOS 550d canon
A higher determination screen has been fitted to this newfangled model, building from 920,000dots as found on the EOS 500D, to 1040, 000dots. The screen is shining, contrasty and sharp enough to check center correctly. Admitting that I feel the determination build is just a slight upgrade over the past unit, this revamped screen shows up more straightforward to see utilize out in expansive sunshine. This quite causes when it approaches utilizing the improved movie emphasizes.

Kickapoo 09-08-2011 08:09 PM

Re: Need suggestion for DSLR EOS 550d canon
The metering framework has been redesigned, with the late iFCL 63-zone double-layer sensor found on the EOS 7D being pressed into the zoom lens' humble body. iFCL is an acronym for wise Focus, Color and Luminance, which indicates the framework utilizes remove, color and luminance (brightness) data to work out the right display when utilizing Evaluative metering, instead of actually luminance readings as found on past Canon metering frameworks. This isn't that brand new a thought, Nikon have utilized 3D Color Matrix metering in a large portion of their zoom lens following the F5 discharged in 1996.

Huron 10-08-2011 10:36 AM

Re: Need suggestion for DSLR EOS 550d canon
HD film has come to be essentially a standard offer on brand new SLR discharges recently and this camera enhances its antecedent by upping the edge rate to 30fps at 1080p. Slower casing rates of 25 and 24fps can in addition be chosen to help recovery memory when the edge rate isn't your essential concern. Quicker casing rates of up to 60fps can additionally be chosen at 720p determination, which ought to play back easily at essentially a third of the speed making it plausible to utilize moderate movement inventively. Display qualities for motion picture recording can additionally be set manually and an outer amplifier jack is combined, putting in the innovative scope this picture clicker accommodates motion picture shooters.

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