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Cain 20-07-2011 08:02 AM

detailed information about the DSLR and macro lenses
Hi friends I have currently registered in this forum and this is my first post which I?m posting here. I like photography but regarding about my photography experience I?m new in this field and have little experience about newly launched electronic cameras. Though I know how to use DSLR camera but now I?m going to buy my first electronic digital camera so friend suggest me which will be the best company camera. My first question is about that if I use DSLR directly without attaching it point-n-shooter or a bridge camera first then it will create problem? Another question is I like to capture some macro photography with my new digital camera. So how I can capture this macro photography please suggest me suitable answer friend. And my overall budget is around Rs 40,000/-.

Delaware 20-07-2011 08:03 AM

Re: detailed information about the DSLR and macro lenses
I suggest you that you buy Nikon D5100 which has features like it got 16.2 mp with DX format. Which cost around Rs 30,000/- but have less amount to invest in buying macros lenses. So you can also go for the Nikon d3100 which will cost you around Rs 28,000/- and remaining 12000 you spend it on for buying macro lenses in that much amount you will get decent macro lenses.You are saying that you are fresher in this field so I tell you note my one thing that photography passion is very costly.

Erie 20-07-2011 08:03 AM

Re: detailed information about the DSLR and macro lenses
If you are fresher in this photography field, then you first don?t waste money on buying so much expensive lenses. The main reason for the lost or poor photos will not because of the poor kit lens but the true fact is that it takes so much long time to get your camera ready and you do mistakes like focusing on the wrong spot where is not require, bad exposures, motion get blur and other common mistakes. First you have to improve your skills at a professional level so you can still upgrade and get chance to get ore and better lenses for same or lower prices.

Huron 20-07-2011 08:04 AM

Re: detailed information about the DSLR and macro lenses
The DSLR lenses deal with the electrical technology to control over the lens through which light permit in an optical or photographic instrument when it?s get joined to the camera body. New camera bodies like Nikon D5100 are better and trustier having less mechanism and springs. Macro lenses: these lenses are mainly designed for the purpose of shooting up close objects. Most of the cameras come inbuilt this macro setting in it but fact is that true macro lenses produce images with better quality so that after expanding pics resolution it don?t show pixels.

Abhimanyusuta 20-07-2011 08:05 AM

Re: detailed information about the DSLR and macro lenses
Since, from 2 years I?m using these generic lenses. And I had some really bad experiences when they got to be very old and old. To overcome this problem you need to buy the one with internal focusing motor. The best macro lenses you will get from the market is prime lenses like the AF-S 60 mm or you can get AF-S 105mm for your camera. This macro lenses are mainly designed for shooting close zooming pictures. The preinstalled macro settings in zoom lenses show a lot of twist at the edges of the frames.

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