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Mykola 04-07-2011 11:07 AM

Help-Nero taking over my files
I have reinstalled Nero 10 software program and there is no problem arrives in this installation inside the windows 7 operating system. After that I observe that the music files of the system are now changing its own icon. They are showing the Nero Icon. I need some brilliant process that helps to get old music files back without any trouble. I don't wish for open this music file inside the Nero program. Thanks for any help.

!const 04-07-2011 11:08 AM

Re: Help-Nero taking over my files
I think you have not proper knowledge about this but the Nero program doesn?t convert any type of the files icon onto the different format. This is not the Nero problem. It could be possible that you had not install this program in well manner. The finish stage of the Nero program installation process ask to the user that would you wish to associated with the specific files. I think in that time, you have selected this music files extension and hence the icon of this files are change.

Blazej 04-07-2011 11:08 AM

Re: Help-Nero taking over my files
Yep, this is the one of the main reason why the file icon of the system has to be change. Then I suggest you to just use the various options present inside the software. This type of software will be help to you for solving this problem. Then first go to the properties option of the Nero ShowTime by right click on the nero icon. Then use the specific tab inside this software. The tab is could be the Playback. Then uncheck the MPEG1, MPEG2, WAV, AVI, MP3, DAT, etc type of files. This all are the music files and this process solve your problem.

DotNetUser 04-07-2011 11:08 AM

Re: Help-Nero taking over my files
I have faced such kind of problem and that time, I have not knowledge about this problem. Then I read several article and the correct process of this trouble will be not clearly mentioned. Then I decided to just use this above process but it can’t help to solve the problem. Then I did the scan system task using the authorized antivirus. This will be work and now the problem is completely solved. I think you also try this solution.

GeforceUser 04-07-2011 11:09 AM

Re: Help-Nero taking over my files
This kind of solution normally works inside the windows type of operating system. The reason behind this is to be sometimes the files present in the system drive is to be affected because of the virus. It may be possible that this virus is to be entered because the online installation process. Hence the antivirus will be capable to remove such virus. This will be work and the file icon changing problem is to be solved completely.

MahaGuru 04-07-2011 11:09 AM

Re: Help-Nero taking over my files
I also appreciate your thinking that this is to be happen because the virus. The other thing of this problem is to be the installation of the program has not been done correctly. Then the program will gives the indication of this by just change the specific files icon. So, we need to better way is to be use the reinstall process in this system. This will be help to avoid the future problem of the program. Then use this solution & it will be alternative way to solve such problem.

void 05-07-2011 10:15 AM

Re: Help-Nero taking over my files
As per you mention in the post that this problem occurs after the reinstallation process of the nero. Hence I think the reinstall task of the nero did not completed properly. Then I suggest you to do this process again. The alternative way is to be updating this program. Yes, this is the alternative thinking and the missing setup files of the installation will be entered into the setup folder of nero using this process.

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