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Aadidev 01-07-2011 12:50 AM

Which apps is best in Gingerbread launcher
My father has given to give a mobile phone on my birthday. This is very awesome handset. I like to much this mobile phone. I am not much familiar with this mobile. Everything is good in this mobile. My main problem is which application is best for the gingerbread. Which one appears to be the well-suited with Gingerbread Launcher Pro, Go Launcher EX and ADW Launcher EX? I want to update this mobile very soon. Please response me as soon as possible for you.

Sawan123 01-07-2011 12:50 AM

Re: Which apps is best in Gingerbread launcher
They are all working just very well for me yet I maintain coming back to Go launcher merely because of the application drawer. I absolutely love the folders. Even the shadow application launcher does not evaluate to the Go launcher drawer. It is still soft scrolling, love being capable to insert screens rapidly and with no trouble. I do not want all the widgets LPP gives, and ADW just does not have something the other two do not anybody is concerned, I have a Droid X, dirt free esn, 2 desktop docks, one car port, car charger, synchronize wire

Karleen 01-07-2011 12:51 AM

Re: Which apps is best in Gingerbread launcher
I would like to suggest you some steps that you can put in Widget Folders to the Home Screens. Grip on the screen, then choose from ?Add to screen" then after you will choose Folder object, then choose "New Folder". But now that you have one, how do put in content to it? OK, you now move one of your extra widgets to the folder. But it does not similar to a few of the Widgets. I was attempting to move the desired Folder and then into the Go folder. I hope it will give you some help.

Farrah 01-07-2011 12:51 AM

Re: Which apps is best in Gingerbread launcher
I have never been an admirer of the stock launchers on my Droid X. The scrolling animations were forever shifting or just simple not very soft. I first purchased launcher pro, liked it, and then figured I would provide ADW EX an attempt. Liked that as well. Utilized ADW for most of the time I had my droid X. now currently, I exchanged back to Launcher Pro. However, I flickered to hate raid about a week before to attempt it out, and it came enclosed with GO Launcher. I fell in love. Utilizing it still at this time, and do not observe that altering shortly in reality.

Abhimanyusuta 01-07-2011 12:51 AM

Re: Which apps is best in Gingerbread launcher
I would like to tell you that No doubts. Like I said, I cannot get praise for this script solves, but it did work surprises on my phone. Zero re-draws on any of the launchers I utilize. I do much favor ADW EX, therefore that is what I am utilizing at this time, but not as good quality as ADW. Anyway, hopefully this fix works for you. I have also compared with so many modal. But I like the GO launcher. So I want to suggest you that you can purchase this. No doubt it is really very good modal.

Mumtaz86 01-07-2011 12:51 AM

Re: Which apps is best in Gingerbread launcher
Fundamentally what is occurring is the launcher is an application, and it finds thrown out of memory when memory finds short (hence why it occurs to all launchers). This is b/c the launcher is at precedence six, which is pretty short. The above cut puts the precedence at one, that?s why it is the final thing to find thrown out of memory by the in build memory manager. Did this when I was on apex 3.0 (based on GB 591) when I was getting terrible insulate coming out of attractive much any application. Did the above cut, and have not had a re-draw in as then. That?s why maybe 5 weeks or so. That?s why interesting. Even after utilizing a weighty application similar to Plants vs zombies.

Aadidev 01-07-2011 10:16 PM

Re: Which apps is best in Gingerbread launcher
Thank you so much everybody for helping me and giving me the right solution. Actually I was very excited to know about the best application. I tried to get the solution. But I am getting unable to get the right solution of this problem. But with help of everybody currently I know about the best application and also I have removed my doubt. I am very glad. But I want to know more about the GO launcher. I hope now again you will help me.

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