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braxx20 30-06-2011 08:14 PM

PCT modem not configured correctly
Recently, after some "cleanup", at start get "found new hardware,etc". Find that PCI modem is "not configured correctly code1" from Device mgr . Also DM state no driver files installed or required. The other problem is that IF there were drivers, it asks for installation disc - never had one. Have option to disable or uninstall should I?? Computer works normally as far as I can tell other than getting the :"Found new Hdw" every time I turn it on. Possibly a related issue is that about every 3 weeks or so, get that message and it turns out that my printer has disappeared and I have to reinstall it.

newtech 01-07-2011 12:43 AM

Re: PCT modem not configured correctly
I think that you don't need drivers for the PCI slots, you need drivers for cards in the PCI slots or on the PCI bus. The possibilities are that the PCI modem interferes with modem into your motherboard. Did this modem come with your system? Or did you purchase the modem from a retailer? The alternative suggestions would be to right click on each device, choose update driver, and let XP scan the internet for the latest driver

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