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ovrot 29-06-2011 09:58 AM

Windows 7 Blue Screen Error
I keep getting a Blue Screen Error. The error takes place at random times while browsing. I'm using a Dell Inspiron Core i3 with Windows 7 64bit.

The STOP code is 0x000000D1 and the parameters are at (0x0000000000000030, oxo00000000000002, 0x000000000000001, xFFFFF880085CAA09) and takes place at PTWMWMDM.sys it says.

My computer is about 2 months old and the error started about 2 weeks ago.

Zhankana_n 30-06-2011 05:37 PM

Re: Windows 7 Blue Screen Error
Well looking at the matter which you have mentioned over here I am suggesting that you should try to boot the computer into safe mode. you have to use the following instruction to boot your computer into safe mode.
  1. you should restart the computer and press F8 key from the keyboard for couple of times.
  2. now you have to choose safe mode by using arrow key from the Advanced Boot Menu.
Now see whether the issue is persisting or not and let me know so that i can tell you about the other possible solution.

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