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Cauvery 25-06-2011 04:05 AM

File extension got invisible by itself?
Hello got a problem with this file extension problem normally I don?t have issues regarding this but this time for some of the file I have been trying to uncheck the hide extensions for known file types option for them and applied to it but when I am checking it after some time or at some interval what I am seeing it has been automatically rechecked again just getting fed-up of this thing can anyone tell me what?s wrong why I am not able to do this and why my computer is acting like this why it isn?t listening to my command please help me out of this?

Badrunath 25-06-2011 04:06 AM

Re: File extension got invisible by itself?
Hey got same problem don?t know how to solve it I tried asking my friends about this but they were unable to help me I think I have problem with this file is this file corrupted because of which I am not able to change the extension of the file I don?t know exactly but I think this is the only problem because some of the files can be changed but this file really has some problem. I too want some suggestion regarding to this what more can be the problem.

MahaGuru 25-06-2011 04:06 AM

Re: File extension got invisible by itself?
I think you must have not logged in with the administrator id that why you aren?t able to change anything just see to this and try to log in with the administration id and that would help you I think. Once when I had the problem this was the situation and I got solved it with this only I just logged into with the administrator id and I was able to change it. I hope this would help you sort out your problem best of luck and hopefully you get It done sooner.

Neutrals 25-06-2011 04:07 AM

Re: File extension got invisible by itself?
Well I to got stuck with this problem and wasn?t able to solve it after searching a lot for it I got to know that this can also be the problem because of some of its file continuously running on the background and this can be the problem why you are unable to change anything for the file and as you know the file been used can?t be changed can?t be moved or done nothing until they are closed.try to close them first and then try and check if you are able to do and I think yes you would be able to do it.

Bull50 25-06-2011 04:07 AM

Re: File extension got invisible by itself?
The suggestion can?t be said wrong but I think this can also be occurred due to some of the legitimate software why don?t you scan first and look out if you are getting any such legitimate software which might have got installed secretly on your pc and is making use of some of those file and this is what disturbing you by changing those commands well you got to scan and find out for any of such software and delete them first and your problem would solved automatically don?t worry it would help you out.

sergioKomic 25-06-2011 04:07 AM

Re: File extension got invisible by itself?
My friend has been suffering from the same problem and after searching a lot and asking to many of the guys I made it out that this is an malwarebyte which is creating this problem just do a scanning on your computer by some of the good software and then see if you are getting any such thing like malware byte and just delete them first and then you would be able to get your problem sorted out well all the best let?s hope this would drag you out of this situation.

Pabloa 26-06-2011 10:51 PM

Re: File extension got invisible by itself?
Ok I think such problems can be occurred due to viruses and I have heard some malwarebyte which can also be the reason for this problem so I think you sould use the malware scanner to scan the malwarebyte first and if yes you get them delete them first and if you don?t find any fault then go in task manager and see if any instance of that file is running behind and if yes just close them and then try to change then it would change for sure.

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