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misslolo 18-06-2011 07:35 AM

Cannot Put My Laptop In Sleep Mode
Hi there!

I can't put my laptop in sleep mode. It's there as an option but is grey and can't be clicked on. I read some other threads about similar issues, went into my admin command prompt and this is what it's telling me:
after typing in powercgf.exe -A it reponded saying
there are one or more legacy drivers installed which prevent this standby
An internal system component has disabled this standby state.

please help? thanks!:wub:

Viceman 18-06-2011 07:48 AM

Re: Cannot Put My Laptop In Sleep Mode
First of all, can you please tell us what is the make or model of your laptop? The kind of problem that you have with Vgasave is what Windows uses when your graphics driver is not present or not working or during Safe Mode. Go to the Device Manager and check the status of your Display adapter and also check for hard wares that may conflict with display usually under "other devices" or "Unknown devices" if present. Be sure you have the latest driver from the manufacturer's support website.

misslolo 18-06-2011 07:49 AM

It's a toshiba satellite...going to check the device manager now, thanks!

under 'other devices' there are 2 unknown devices and a mass storage controller...should I unistall the unknows? i think the mass storge is my portable harddrive.

i uninstalled both 'unknown devices' and restared the comp but still cannot use sleep mode :notworkin

I reinstalled the program that was acting up and my sleep mode option is now back on! thanks for your help!

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